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  1. I’ve seldom felt so disgusted by a vid. And that means something as I’ve seen people puke out their guts and babies being eaten by werewolves, down in ‘Nam

  2. Is that vomit on the floor? Looks like blood, but she’s too old to haver her period, so im gonna go with vomit.

    1. DUDE ur stupid for not knowing that the internet is freeforall racism. where havYOU been man? raging just means they win happy face –> 🙂

    2. I know the net is full of racist cowards and stupid people that don’t say shit, and just let it be, like you. 😉

    3. @ all you asshats crying “racist” at Mama Guchi – take a look at the title “White Girl Fail” and the description of the video. LOVE twits that can dish it out, but can’t take it. If I captioned this “A Monkey’s Guide to Attracting Drunk Old White Women” – you’d be offended.

    1. I’m not a guy like this (I’m guessing you mean guys with high fashion jewelery and sunglasses) and I “hit” things that dont even have a pulse! Like, you know, the crack between the couch cussions or two pillows sandwiched together or a pizza pocket with two holes on opposite ends or a jar of peanut butter or a banana peel microwaved for 26 seconds or a pile of donuts or your grandmother or that little hole in the stuffed animal’s butt or a really tightly knitted sock or an apple pie (homemade) or a winter glove or the sleeve of a soft shirt or…

  3. when she was dancing around i was waiting for an even fatter white chick to come buy and eat her…. (see spider fail)

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