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  1. In 20 words or less what the hell was i supposed to get from that. if it was brawll to death, needs some more smoke and mirrors

  2. wow nature is so weird.i thought the ant was going to get away or something like that,i didnt expect this at all!lol.

  3. OMG give me a reason to hate/be scared of spiders again omg what a crazy thing to watch hahah but i watched it twice! :/

  4. At first I was like this title should be Spider Win cause he was going super fast and pwned the shit out of that ant…then BLARGHHHHHH!!!!-Oh Shit!!!

  5. funny how no one mentioned the islamic call to prayer, lol arent u americans racist? lmao jk shit! im american! lol

  6. Bigger Spider: You need more training! Come with me!
    Little Spider: But my prey!
    Bigger Spider: He can wait! Now off we GO!!!
    Ant Victim : Is that you mommy? I heard the Aardvark got you!

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