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    1. UMMMM No you tool you would be second , and who gives a fuck anyway . . . your name is slightly mispelled , shouldnt it be SWALLOWED , as in your boyfriends cum you fuvking homo.

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone with a tan constitute as a fail nowadays?

    I mean for fuck’s sake people, we can’t all spend 24 hours a day inside the house sitting infront of a computer screen.

    1. You may be right , I havent tasted sweet pussy nectar , beuse I kehooking up with pigs like your girlfriend and your mom. Nasty hoes that they are. But Gog I will try harder to drive past the trailer park that you call home and find a chick that isnt ghetto-trash.

    2. Wait, my pigs? I don’t have any OH MY GOD!

      You’ve been fucking Farmer John’s prized Livestock haven’t you!? 🙁

    3. Someone with a real tan (made by the sun) is not a fail, But EVERY fake tan (giving an ugly orange skin) is a fail. Fake tan is just very ugly and unnatural.

    1. i think its a fuckin oompa lumpa thing, stop stickin up for the rest of ur kind u orange fake fuckin bitch.

  2. Gog , you seem to be the internet nerd you dumb fuck. Neither of these ugly fucked up hoes would fuck your scrawney ass so stop kissing there nasty asses you basement dwelling troll.

    1. It’s cool to see someone assuming his homosexuality, but you don’t need to steal other’s name.

    2. Speak for yourself, fatass. You spend waaaaaay too much time on here so I can assume that you’re only some fat manchild who lives with his mom and keeps a stash of loli and dickgirl porn under his soggy mattress.

    3. @Allah is a Homo: Looks like I struck a nerve. Thank you for proving my point, fatass. Maybe when you leave your computer you’ll be able to score some pussy that didn’t come from your mom’s dog.

  3. Say what you like GOG , I busted your lame fag ass for what it is , a troll. The last pussy I scored was last nite and it was your moms on your kitchen table as you sat in the basement and spanked your little needle dick. Fuck boy , do her a favour and buy her a douche , her snatch smells worse then your cock breath if that is even possible. You are one lame fat fuck arnt ya.

    1. To you BUBBA , who named you that , your boyfriend. What a redneck , backwoods description of yourself. Good to see that you know which magazines to order when you go to the gay porn shop. Most of us real men have never heard of your spanking material. Now go give ur boytoy Gog a good ass licking…The 2 of you combined still dont have an IQ higher then the speed limit , TOOLS.

    2. i’m sorry everybody. i’m just stupid fat-fag-troll who is very unhappy and miserable, so this trolling thing is the only thing i got…. it is the only thing that makes me happy….
      and i suck cocks 🙂

    3. Gog , thats all you got eh BOY. Looks like I win again , if you cant run with the big dogs , stay on the porch ya old mutt. Now go fight with a 5 year old , you may have a better chance , HEEHEEHEE , BOOOOOYAAAAA.

    4. You insist on the homo-eroticism in my name. Yet it’s not an Acronym.

      Maybe once you reach 3rd grade, they’ll teach you Acronyms. 🙂

  4. is it just me… or is “Allah is A Homo” a dick that needs to find better things to do than start shit on a website with everyone that writes a comment.

  5. That girl on the left is actually quite pretty but she has fucked it all up looking like her mum fucked a wotsit then gave birth to her!
    Why soo orange it looks awful!

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