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  1. What a dumbass. You’re supposed to flush the toilet first, then light the cherry bomb and drop it in while the water is draining out of the bowl. Morons. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail.

    1. you know german toilets don’t fill up with water while flushing, it works by current and uses not even half as much water as american toilets

    1. Yeah, no. That is not German buddy.
      You americans also lack some brain, don’t act that yall know everything…

    2. Of course they’re German! I happen to be quite fluent in German. For example one guy says something about a bucket of additional water and the other one answers that there are five litres of water in the toilet or something like that.

    3. poopr: “I happen to be quite fluent in German…five litres of water in the toilet OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.” FAIL 🙂

    1. Dear biggest Retard in the history of mankind aka TexTheMerciless,
      how are they foreigners, when they’re Germans being in Germany? …
      Yours sincerely from a mental plane that you will never ever reach… DOUCHE!

    2. The Germans invented all of the modern technology we have today. Secondly, a foreigner is someone who lives in another land…they’re in their homeland.

  2. i saw the whole vid on a other page and i laughed so fucking hard 😀 the thing you dont see is, later the wife is shouting “what happened there, what was that noise” and the man just says “everything is okay, the sewage is clear again” 😀 😀

  3. Retards are everywhere and also that was EPIC.
    It could be much better if he pooped in this toilet before blowing it down

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