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    1. The incryted logo isnt even close Johhny you loser. So I guess the answer is YES , YOU ARE A TARD , BWAHAHAHAHAH.

  1. Tailbone fracture, nice. Your traumatologist will be pleased to fix it through your anus (google it if you don’t believe me).

    1. Yeah…Looks like his balls and tailbone landed first then his pubis at the end. Must have hurt like a bitch. Still laughed. LOL

  2. Oh man, did you see the wet puddle he created suddenly.
    WHere are the remainders of these videos? WIll there be ever EPIC FAIL BEHIND THE SCENES or EPIC FAIL AFTERWARDS.. Damn, the other angle would have been a good one, where is the video from that camera?

    1. its not really that funny
      but i cant belive how stupid that guy is^^
      jumping at exactly the worong spot

  3. I wonder if he is confused about how parkour works, he almost looks like he is aiming for a playground equipment vasectomy.

    1. Too hardcore. Probably he broked some nuts and pooped in pants/And that is not hardcore for U?

  4. He broke himself a couple of bones and couple of testicles and still he worried about that he pooped himself a little… What an dumbass

  5. He wasn’t even close to making it… least he has made it impossible to breed. This is Darwinism at it’s finest. Now, how to figure out how his parents ever made it far enough to breed?

  6. Pain can be a bitch. I mean when else would a grown man inform his friends on the relationship of his bowels to his trousers.

  7. see everyone thinks this is just some guy, but if u heard his name. hes part of the stunt crew we play crazy and his stunts and landing and smashing his nuts so it’s not a fail it was intentional. so who ever posted this is a fail

  8. I had a bad day. I decided to look for some good falls on EF. I think I laughed so hard I pooped myself… A little.

    1. Watching idiots fall makes life so much easier doesn’t it? I get to treat these idiots and tell them how stupid they are, it’s intensely satisfying. I love it when their brilliant friends bring in the video of how they got this way!

    2. Oh I bet it is! I wouldn’t last a week doing your job, but for that I envy you. Although I reckon there would be some of them who are more preoccupied by the “show me how I look on that video! Was I great?” than the compound fracture in their leg.

    3. Oh yeah, especially if they get there and are still in shock and we get them anesthetics and morphine quickly, they don’t realize how long it’s going to take to recover, or that it’s the worst part. But most of them deserve it immensely.

    4. The most fascinating (and scary) part of these videos is not that much the stupidity of the main character, than the lack of lucidity and common sense of the friends around him/her. They do not prevent them from doing something stupid, and they do not react as they should after. They deserve some pain too.

    5. Nah, you gotta give credit to the guy who is smart enough to stand behind the camera for not doing the stupid deed themselves.

    6. Erm, yes, you’ve got a point. At least for this one, we don’t have to worry about his breeding capacity. Darwin win. Darwinwin. Don’t worry Rory. It’s easy Zee. God I love English!

    7. Uhm, excuse me, ladies? I ripped my dick off so that I could scan a good picture of it on my Lexmark printer for a friend of mine. I was wondering if either of you happened to have a needle and thread that I could borrow?

    8. Oh I hate when they do that. Come here you bloody moron. Those embroidery lessons finally come to use.

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