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    1. Hey its Gog , his bi boyfriend , and the only 2 women on the planet that would find his fat ass attractive.

    2. Please, if you don’t think I’d invest in a few more bucks for a decent quality Love Doll, and not some cheap blow up doll… We aren’t operating on the same level of mutual respect I assumed. 🙁

    3. Meh…Who needs a fuck doll when you can just make a homemade pocket pussy…and some of you Marines or former Marines know what I’m talking about…LOL.

    4. Homo is in love with Gog. Gog is beyond her virgin homo ass. Homo must make him suffer. Gog is stronger than she can evar confess tho herself, so she tries, tries to make Gog fuck her, but Gog is a gentelman and he moves on, this make homo angry so he commits suicide of word on and fails!

  1. Lucky bastards:( Uhh they’re so rich, they can afford a doll and everything- look me look at me I’m mr. Fancy!..Pricks..

    1. Okay, you’ve got me all sad and shit now. I got an old Pee Wee Herman doll I’ll donate to ya.

    1. well yeah perhaps it is …but asian men tend to go for an air doll when there’s no chance they can get a girl.

    2. Hey britishgirl , these chicks have a lot more going for them then your limey ass can provide. There fake teeth are strait , and they dont smell like a dead fish. You are just nasty.

    3. Hey Allah, first of all, you don’t know me so shut the fuck me. I’m not 100% british , and even If I was , My teeth are perfectly fine dumbass. 🙂 Go, Pray.

    1. Gog , I own you , ya little tool. I think Ill take you to the nearest prison and sell your fat ass for a pack of smokes to Bubba and his gay posse. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA.

    2. Allah is a homo is a 10 years old middle school punk who gets his ass kicked everyday so he’s trying to feel all manly and tough on the internet. More pathetic than these 2 guys with plastic girlfriends.

    3. FYI, Bubba prefers the term “Anal Associates” and would much rather have little kids who don’t have anything better to do with their time than to troll people on the internet.

    4. Homo fails once more and comes a cross as a little virgin troll thanx to Gog the mighty.

    1. Anaother fail from allah is a Homo, he needs attention sooooo badly he would bend over for anybody or thing.

  2. High..Pathetically…creepy..(O.o) I would be sooo scared if I saw a grown man talking to “His Doll”

  3. These are actually what are known as Loli Dolls. A company called Sankaku Complex in Japan started making them recently and they are a major craze in Asia right now. They are sex dolls modeled after Lolicon characters. Basically an outlet for pedophiles so they stop molesting real children.

    1. Shouldn’t they be like… child-size then? They appear to be only a little shorter than those men.

  4. I like the little dolls Pinky has. The delicately selected fashions. And how did these two guys meet? How did they get to the point in their relationship that this was okay?

  5. $5000 for a basic one. i’d say that this is a customized doll therefore which is in the $32000-$50000. Damn rich but stays virgin.

    p.s. i don’t need dolls. i’m lucky enough

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