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    1. You love to fuck a woman with no ass and a nasty flabby stomach, back and tits? Be my guest.

  1. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had a deflated buick on her chest, I would recommend the worlds largest push up bra…

  2. I was about to ask what bra size a person with a body like that wears. But shes obviously not wearing one, so the saga will go on.

    1. jaja neel pero parese que tiene el trasero en las tetas (no dude,but like she have ass in bubs :B

    1. It’s called an apple shaped body, all the fat goes to their stomach, boobs ans back and their limbs stay skinny.
      I call them Humpty Dumpty bodies.

    1. Ur probably a fat ass who likes to it on her ass all day and have some1 bring her more and more food, why dont you stop ur bitchin and take a lokk in the mirror and change ur fat ass!!!!

  3. as you can see, she is covering her face, which goes without saying, SHE MUST BE ONE REAL UGLY FUCK !!! Don’t like her choice of clothing either. flabby saggy bastard !

  4. eww . look at them legs . they skinny AF & her boobs touch the ground , that shit is straight up nasty ! i just threw up a lil !

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