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    1. lol, the kid was following his shadow ! and ewwwww that man, his sounds made me sick !

  1. honestly the guy is a big fat fail
    cant even hold his stomach together over a piece a shit
    feel sorry for the dog…

  2. wow… this vid and the first few votes show how many pussies come to this site. Man up, grab the sock out of your dog’s ass, then wash your hands. Grow the fuck up.

    1. just like the time you crapped your pants and wasnt man enough to tough it out?

  3. Wow…really guy?
    If you’re grossed out that the dog swallowed a sock you have not been on the internet very long.

    1. If that happened to me I don’t really think Id give that much of a fuck. Wouldnt really even be news worthy, or if it was it would go something like “My dog ate a sock, wanna go get stoned?”

  4. He’s a fucking drama fucking. I had to put up with worse shit with my dog and never made such sounds.

  5. What’s worst, the dog with a sock hanging from it’s asshole or the fucking douche bag and his fake ass cough?

  6. that father needs to man the fuck up and get some testicular fortitude and stop almost-vomiting every 3 seconds because that dog has a sock for a turd. i dont think that it should be described as a “diet” fail. somebody there crammed that sock into that dog’s anal orifice.

  7. lmfao, I love how the dad was all “sock sticking out of her hiney” and the mom goes “thats so fucking nasty.”

  8. The dog didn’t swallow and then shit out a sock. Some one put a sock on their cock and fucking raped that dog hard core. The sock stayed in while the dog fucker ran off. That is why the guy was gagging. His poor dog has been raped hardcore and of course he wasn’t going to explain that to junior asking what was going on.

  9. This is nothing. I had to watch my beagle get a 1″ tube stuck up her bitt cause she couldn’t poop. there was another tube attached that was putting water in, and lots of poopy water, chunks, and gas coming out of the big one. I didn’t so much as gag. and that left her but gaping in a O for a minute or so afterward. this guy is such a pussy

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