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    1. What’s funny, remember in 2008 when Obama was new to all of us, people called him Osama by accident all the time. We finally got his name right as we stopped hearing from or about Osama, and now Osama is back in the news and it’s all pandemonium!

    1. I agree. People are so dumb and don’t realize that our government is the enemy.

    2. Predator strikes, renditions, tribunals, wire taps, , troop surge…Bush took the fight to them. Obama, although he whined about these policies, uses EVERY ONE of them in the war on terror. Bush was a leader. Obama is a punk. End of story.

    3. Jetty is right, If Obama is doing everything Bush did, how does that make Bush any better?

    4. Instead of arguing about presidents why not take a look at the government as a whole? The whole thing is screwed up. Why does the president have the right to assassinate any American citizen without trial or warrant just by signing a piece of paper? But do we question that? No! This isn’t a Miss America contest. Quit being so vapid, people! [/rant]

  1. I wish we could be that lucky. All of his ignorant blind sheep(like the moron that commented before me) would die of thirst without his koolaid to drink.

  2. this isn’t foxnews that everyone is thinking of. it’s a sub-station of FOX. FOXNEWS has no sub-stations.

  3. just prooves one more time fucking newscasters are nothing but script parroting zombies. fuck the world agenda – i am out for my MUTHA-fuckin’ SELF!!!! You ALL need to learn what money is, how it operates and how it has you ALL tied to EVERY agenda out there keeping and making you all slaves! – like Morrison said, “YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF SLAVES!”

  4. So he’s saying that Osama is our President? I thought Obama is dead, i mean, Osama the President, i mean, Obama the terrorist, i mean, Osama, oh forget it…

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