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  1. What the fuck is you talkinn bout as you can see you is talkin behind a computer screan yo damn self so get with the got damn program and stop talking behind a computer and make comments that make some fuckin sence. Have a good day boo.

  2. I really hope Macy fucks around one day and end up saying some shit to the wrong ppl. Summon the roving gang of black panthers to train rape her ass knock her up and then see if she would be willing to shove a coat hanger up her pastey rotten cunt. Hope you die with the first jab.

    1. I do too! Its not a wrong thing I dont understand people anymore and VVV they arent stupid!

    2. How the hell is this CUTE ?
      This is just fucking wrong !!! If it was you, you would see this shit is not cute . It’s hard as hell raising a kid, especially at a young age. These girls look damn there 11 ! Our generation is going downhill very fast. You need help honey …

    3. Yeah, Stacey, it would not be an issue at all if we lived within a society that could take care of themselves. Lest you forget, we are becoming more, and more, socialistic as time increases. These teeny-boppers will undoubtedly end up on welfare, wik, and food stamps, as their baby daddy sells crack, and takes there money. They are only smiling because they know they are not going to have to take full responsibility for their actions. Everyone else will!!!

  3. Omg, what are they – 13 and 15 years old? Stupid little idiots, wouldn´t surprise me if the same guy is father to both kids. This is the girls we will see on Epic role model fail next year, posing half naked with a baby next to them…

    1. I agree with you. I bet the same guy is the father and they are probably sisters too. They probably sit around talking to each other about how much they “love they baby daddy” (improper grammar intended)

    1. @ Jojo- Not pregnant my ass… I dont care how far you can stick out your stomach those girls are knocked up.

      @STACY- STFU! How is that shit cute??? aaaww look at that 12 year old.. shes gonna be a mommy. Well I guess she can get a job as a hooker since shes to young to get a damn work permit from school. DUMBASS!

  4. How the fuck is this a bad thing they look like best friends and accidents happen jerks! Im 15 with a baby its really not a bad thing!

    1. You’re a fucking retard .. They obviously think this shit is cute and they obviously did this shit on purpose if they’re fucking smiling you dumbass. This is a bad thing. Their parents might not even have a job to raise another kid that’s not even theirs. This is KIDS having KIDS .That’s how this is a bad thing. Open up your little eyes and see that shit. Young Hussies these days .. SMH

    2. Ok, I can agree, it may not always be a bad thing. Many generations ago families started many years before the age of 18. My question to you is: Are you, and your baby’s father able to fully support that child? Are you paying for a home (in which your parents do not have to pay); for electricity, mortgage(rent), water, car payments? Are you self sustaining? Because if you aren’t then you haven’t the slightest clue of being self sufficient. It is tough for anyone, and if you can speak so easily, then I fear you do not fully understand what this actually means to be (independent) and not (interdependent). Education? your future plans include raising your knowledge so that we can help ourselves as well as others? or is this solely based upon the opinion that if you are receiving help, that that is all there is to my life?

  5. You dont know how old these girls are , you assuming their ages . Looks can be decieving . @beh8ingu -since white people are minorties cause theirs more africian -american in the world the white people , you sound very stupid .

    1. Kayla, since you obviously don’t know the difference between there they’re and their and have awful grammar, you look and sound very stupid.

    2. Kayla, my dear. I agree with Sierra. You sound like an idiot and spell like an idiot; you must certainly be an idiot. However, I agree with you about the age thing (I was 25 and in the army when pregnant and a few morons actually thought I was a teenager), but these CHILDREN look about 13 or 14, far too young for the responsibility. CHILDREN that young really cannot grasp the responsiblity and are more likely to think the baby as a mere doll or toy. When reality does hit them, they are likely to abuse or neglect the baby, not fully understanding what they’re doing since they ARE CHILDREN. As far as the white/black issue, bitch, don’t make me slap the stupid out of you! I was on your side until I read that part.

  6. I don’t think this should be made about race it happens to anyone. I hate seeing this because these girls don’t even know how to take care of themselves. Definately a parenting FAIL! The biggest fail is going to be when those two are mothers

  7. how nice there goes our hard earned tax money (welfare) now i know where is going to support these knocked up little girls…an instead of the babydaddy supporting cause they run away from responsibility …i gotta support them with my hard earned tax money…they must be proud…idiots

  8. No one has any place to judge them. They are pregnant but for all you know, they could be giving the children up for adoption. They are smiling, big deal. For all we know, they could be older then they appear. I was 21 when I had my son and I was judged and had people talking junk about another young high school drop out heading to the welfare office. When really I was in college and almost done my associates. Here I am 2 years later with my associates, working on my bachelors and still have not been on welfare. My point being, looks can be deceiving and passing judgment never helps.

    1. There is a huge difference between you at age 21 and these CHILDREN. They are certainly not older than 15, so with all of your so-called education, you really must open your eyes to see the truth. As for giving them up for adoption; would you have given up your child as easily. It seems you’re passing judgement yourself. Plus, we are all here on FAIL to judge, aren’t we?

  9. I can’t honestly say I blame this entirely on parents. There’s also T.V with that show… ummm Teen Sluts? no that’s not it… 16 and Slutty? Yeah that’s it.

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