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  1. This is a multi-fail. Not only is the role playing itself a fail, but the story is wrote so shitty..then he complains about wanting a job to someone who clearly doesn’t give a shit, and to top it all of. He wants to be a Nurse’s Aide..fagg…lol

    1. but the story is wrote???…. “but the story is WRITTEN so shitty…. FAIL.

      …and to top it all of???…… “and to top it all OFF”
      “Proper English fail.


  2. Isn’t it great that we have all these Dungeons & Dragons dykes and fags that missed out on Erikson’s Ego Identity phase to bring a little stupid shit into our lives?

  3. tom in the picture who wrote the paragraph is the same person below whose name is tom as well (i think he forgot to change it to another name, and maybe he did this because he knew that his/her friends will not click the like and put interesting comments bcoz hes an inbred weird person) =)

  4. If you look closely at the background, i think you can see the house where he keeps wife and children from the story…or maybe thats where the king lives…

  5. I’m guessing he is a middle-aged man who live in his mom’s basement….this guy’s never gonna get married…or even laid, for that matter…

  6. Uhm.. this IMO is not an epic fail. It could have been halloween, so I don’t see anything wrong with this one.

  7. His story sucked and just looking at his picture made me laugh. He thought just by saying “bold and powerful” over and over again that he would create a compelling biography of his “roleplaying” character, but all I saw was a poor man that is avoiding reality and dresses like a bum.

  8. I think that’s my little brother getting ready to visit a renaissance fair…or maybe comicon…or his world of Warcraft reunion

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