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    1. do you wana die shut the fuck up… every one on this site knows im cool so get over ur self

    2. No, you won’t. You’ll sit in your mother’s basement until she dies of stress and old age, and then you’ll finally have to get a job at McDonald’s to pay for your internet and porn. It’s your future, dude. Live it.

    3. dipsht, didnt i see you a week ago, at my place or yours? refresh my memory about your 1 inch?

    1. just when I had finally conquered my suicidal tendencies
      this unwashed Seattle hippie broad comes along
      “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
      please join a convent and take a vow of silence, also celibacy
      you truly are the new FAIL poster child

  1. awww… she did something nice for her mom, regardless of what we think of her singing talent.

    A+ for effort!

    1. YES. THIS is a big FAT W I N !!! I love death metal, and don’t care for country music too much, but this is a WIN!!!

    2. Its Just Cringe From Begining To End…. Certainly Not A “WIN” But I Dont Rekon Its A FAIL Either….. It Shud Just Not Exist!

  2. well i can give her some credit because she really loves her mother but this video is and insult to her :S

  3. What you usually do when you get a present this rubbish is re-gift it to someone else. But I don’t know if that would work with this.

  4. Aww I love it it’s so cute. Just because it’s sincere and amatuer doesn’t make it bad… obvs she was going for the sound/feel. Very nice.

    1. yeh. back in my acid-tripping days I thought I was a guitar god
      until I heard the tapes the next day FAIL

  5. I think I’ll send this to my Mom just to piss her off then surprise her with a real Mother’s day gift

  6. Where’s the fail?
    Look at the picture of her mom.
    The apple don’t fall far from the tree!
    Her mom would probably love this, and who are you to judge, ya bunch of uncreative puritans!
    Go watch what the media has prepared for you!
    Go watch Gaga or Justin or some other lame shit.

    1. Yeah… I don’t think the video was that bad. Chick loves her Mom and make her a sweet vid. She can’t sing but sure Mom would still love it.

    1. That’s Esmeralda Strange? Cool!
      She’s one of the accordion babes, like Renee de la Prada!

  7. This isn’t a fail. I’d like to hear what you assholes did for your moms who still feed you and let you live in their basements.

    I didn’t make this video by the way. And it’s not the most godawful thing on the internet (you are).

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