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  1. That was… weird. I was expecting him to jump in front of the snowmobile and stop it with his body. That would have made me LOL.

  2. lol it looks like way more fun on the way down. I bet he proberbly did it again just for the thrill

    1. hang on im blue again? for some reason my profle likes to swap around its colourscheme

  3. OK….how did that helmet cam keep such a steady picture?
    Amazing really how it wasn’t your typical 3rd world shithole shakey-ass-blurry camera quality.

  4. he didn’t say one thing on the way down no “oh shit” or a “ouch” nothing this guy ate that fall like a champ

  5. I got to say that I really enjoyed that view of the snowy valley. That looks just fantastic. Looks like a lot of fun just sliding down thousands of feet on the side of that mountain. Hell I would pay to slide down that. That looked awesome. I wouldn’t want to get stuck out there unprepared though.

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