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  1. Why do these fucking idiots shave off a natural brow , just to pencil one in that makes them look like a dirty nasty chola , gross.

    1. ehhh… there’s always something for stupid women to hook onto … the latest begin tattoo’d eyebrows. Yup, really.

  2. The wallpaper behind her is one of those magic eye posters. If you stare at it you can almost see class.

  3. Has no one noticed what appears to be a blackened left eye? At least she’s a quick learner… Only one shiner.

    1. I bet he only has to ask for his sandwich once now! Or just call into the kitchen where she stays, as she should.

  4. It’s the fact that she posted this picture probably trying to be beautiful that’s so disturbing…

  5. why do folks find this look to be a good look? this is just nasty…freaky…idiotic…ghoulish.

    1. Let’s be happy she isn’t giving the stupid duck lips. But that may be only for trashy white girls.

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