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    1. nobody answers me..FUCK YOU ALL!!!! i’m used to it!!!! stfu with that shit foeva alone… im not alone!!!

    2. hello fist-man…i was gonna tell you to go fuck yourself but it seems that you already have…so im just gonna say hi…HI

    1. Maybe if you learn to read you can see that it clearly says that this is a ‘Win’. But now this is YOUR reading fail.

    1. This is Gog`s alter ego , he lost to me in every aspect , so he creates a 2nd name and tries to bolster his bruised ego…..bye bye Gog you troll , bwahhahahahahah

    1. Fist-man is his own worst enemy , no lube , just his dry fist. James does it hurt when you fist yourself , hahaha.

  1. James , you set yourself up , let them laugh at you and do the same yourself , this site is for fun. You cant get upset when you pwn yourself man.

  2. That is awesomely cute! Maybe more people would see that if there weren’t so many random pointless comments about masturbation and loneliness. -.-

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