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    1. It’s just the same guy in different cars, videotaping himself crashing into everything (in Russia).

    1. are you sure this is russia ? it looks more like canada with the snow.. notice the canadian signs and alphabet.

    2. the music didn’t give u a clue? or the russian signs? or the people speaking? or the license plates? or the writing on some of the shots that says .ru? or the shitty teeny cars… hahaha just cuz it has snow doesn’t make it canada…

  1. How is it always possible that drivers films such cashes like that? I’m always wondering bout that….

    1. Well, um, you only ever see the ones that were filmed, you see, because the ones that weren’t filmed, well, uh, they don’t have videos of those.

    2. to bob you dont have to bet, look at:
      1:46, 1:58,2:18 same bus or something.
      and crashes 3:09,3:17,3:23 etc

    1. Speaking of women drivers, anyone ever notice that women NEVER pull up close enough to the ATM? They either have to voluntarily dislocate their shoulder or open the driver’s side door to reach.

    2. And you ever notice how women like to spend their time in the kitchen making sandwiches and shitting out babies.

  2. Seems like Russians like to trade paint alot lol, I blame the drivers ice-skating classes lol

  3. Ohh, comon guys! Every country has bad drivers. 95 % of Americans drive with automatic transmission, when most of Russians drive with manual in crazy snow condition. Anyways, I see a lot of shitty drivers here in the US…so they are everywhere 🙂

  4. MOST of them are foreigners. No WONDER they make the VOLVO!!! LOL – alot of them are good, but I REALLY like the 5:29 one!!! WHOO HOO!!!

  5. this is why fucking european fourth world countries yes that’s right fourth world countries do not even deserve fucking mules as transportation they should all just blow themselves up with some nukes or something it will free up resource hey there’s a concept!

  6. It just shows how people from foreign countries should not drive! because the car industry started in America and Americans know how to drive.

  7. lol,, i so enjoyed wayching this vid
    wonder how drunk or retarded those drivers were rofl
    and apparently most of these crashes were filmed in russia

    1. 4:49 epic crash
      5:12 another epic crash
      and 5:30 another epic crash those drivers are just assholes

  8. gee wiz people, driving is just not that hard. these people are not even looking where theyre going. and they are all listening to shitty techno music????

  9. This place has the worst drivers in the entire world! Slowing down, checking your mirrors, and learning how to merge would have eliminated many of these accidents. However, we don’t know how many of these people were drunk!

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