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  1. C’mon, guys. We all make mistakes. There’s no reason to ridicule this person. That go’s for all of you.

    1. Buddy dont be another Gog , this site is set up to laugh at these kind of people , if you dont like it why would you torture yourself by looking at it.

  2. Am I the only one amazed there’s no tramp stamp on this one yet? Aren’t they supposed to get that first?

    1. This girl goes to my school. She tried justifying it as it’s her life and her body so she wanted it to be the possessive version of “goes”….

  3. I can’t believe the tattoo artist didn’t see the spelling error. At least she looks like she has a nice body.

  4. How can we turn it into something nice ? …..Life gross on ….no we cant’ ! XD

    or it’s lithuanian cos Gos means Strenght in that language !

    1. Hey! arent you cousins with the most nastiest, std infested dumb cunt in the whole state of illnois. LOL. Amanda is NOT gross, wanna see gross ?? look at your awesome cousin Chelsea Reyes..

      DUMB BITCH <3

  5. Hahahaha, i know this girl too. she actually told the tattoo artist that was how she wanted it, he gave her the option for the correct spelling. her mom was with her too and didn’t correct her

  6. This bitch nigga. Not only does she have a retarded/idiotic/dim-witted tattoo she also got in the pooper :0


    1. yea you right you right, she a dirty, skankass hoe. but she do have a fat ass booty doe.


  7. it sais ” life go’s on ” the ‘ in the sentence is made to be the E. to all of you doo doo heads, here you go.

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