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    1. It’s a she and she says: “Bazd meg!” Literally, it means “Fuck that!” but truly the expression only means “Fuck!”.
      Hungarian is actually pretty complicated, so it’s not like “bazd” = “fuck” and “meg” = “that”. The word “bazd” is formed from the word “baszni” which means “to fuck”. From that, you form the word “bassz”, which is the second person singular imperative form of „baszni”. So it’s like you instruct a guy to fuck. If you want to tell him to fuck something particular, you have to use a specific verb, therefore, from “bassz” you form the word “baszd”. The word “meg” only indicates that the activity is completed, so technically it sends the message to finish the job. Or something like that.

      But as I mentioned before, it’s only cursing, so when you hurt yourself by accident, you say „Bazd meg!”. But you can also say it when you see something spectecular or funny, it’s a way to express awe and amusement in general. It’s bad language though, just like in english.

  1. It’s hard to tell but it looks like they don’t understand the idea of making a back cut. Either way the tree was leaning toward the car to begin with.

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