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    1. That guy, is dead, and no one cares, he is dressed as a drag queen, no one cares also or laugh, what’s wrong with them ?
      I may think they’re blind.

    2. “Aw, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! God. Oh, I’m hurt! Oh, my neck, my back, my neck and my back! Oh, I want $150,000… but we can settle out of court right now for twenty bucks.”

  1. Wtf why are these people acting as if nothing was happening? I would’ve been lmao if I saw this guy on the floor.

    1. RoccoL has a life problem. He probably can relate to the man in the the photo then just got mad at himself and let it out on an entire race. Let’s be kind to the unfortunate.

  2. The tide was high that morning. This whale beached “himself” at this coffee shop. Is this a dude? or a really ugly chick with a goatee?

    1. Gemstar , he just comes on here and insults the site and its concept. He is just a nasty little troll , so a few of us like to put him in his place. He is kinda uptight , and a loser.

    2. @Gemstar, I dunno, he’s butthurt because I called him a fat virgin 3 weeks ago after he got in my face when I didn’t find a particular fail all that funny. Ever since he’s been on here every day flooding these comment boards with childish insults towards me. He’s even gone as far as creative several fake accounts to “back him up” whenever he posts.

      I don’t pay him any attention though. At first I was having fun with it just to tease him a little. But I didn’t realize I crushed his poor little spirit. I apologized and offered a truce afterwards, but Trolls are like women on their periods, you just can’t reason with them.

    3. Gog you little wimp , you had one sad come back for me , and you have been riding it for 3 weeks. Not being able to form a good verbal fight on your part is your loss bitch , not mine. I dont need aliases , as I want you to know who is constantly burning your sorry bored out ass.
      Also didnt you say 2 days ago that you wouldnt be responding to anything that I posted , which we all know is just another way to say that YOU LOOSE.
      So once again , I have got under your skin. If you dodnt like this site THEN GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY. If not , then I am going to keep owning you. Look around on here , I am the 1st guy to give a good post a compliment. Your just bitter because most of us on here dont like you or your whinning ways.
      Bye bye troll boy.


    5. Let the records show I was replying to Gemstar, not Allah is a Homo, who makes shit up because he’s still butthurt about being pwned 3 weeks ago.

    6. JUP definitely a win for Gog tbh Allah i’ve read some of ur posts; and i must say ur the childest epic failer ive ever seen u retarded wimp

    7. Can’t we all just get along? Hmm? Can’t we? *group hug* I know I’m the wierd stranger, but I just want there to be peace and harmony in the building..

  3. hmmmm feel like I’v been there before oh well….. going to Starbucks
    *at Starbucks* yea I want a large vanilla latte oops sorry pal
    did i step on ur hand?

  4. And yes his dick is big.. and yes he’s a drama queen. I’m wondering if this was photoshopped though because NO ONE was really paying him any attention.. as if he wasn’t really there.

  5. I love how everyone is minding their own business & not paying attention to him. MUST be manhattan. Not new york, manhattan.

  6. That bitch, fairy mutha shut-yo-mouth was just being dramatic. You can tell cause no one else seems to give a shit that he’s on the ground.

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