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    1. Even though we will never swap christamas gifts , Ill give you credit for this one Gog. You didnt insult the post , and you even had a witty little comment.

  1. Uranus = Ouranos (Sky in greek) the deity in mythology that slept with Gaia = Earth which gave birth to the Titans, ancestors of the 12 Gods of ancient Greece whom Zeus = Dias = Saturn beaten the crap out of them and banished them in the Earth with the power of lightning blah blah blah…

  2. I think the host would like a little anal play from her, she has that look of disappointment. Yes, I see that look from my girlfriend often if you must know.

    1. OK so your MOM and I aren’t really boyfriend and girlfriend but she’s the closest I’ve got.

    1. Because nobody wants that crap here? There is a difference between funny fail..And..Aell.. Justin Bieber..I meanthat sh*t is just pathetic.

  3. A really old jr. high school joke: What does the Starship Enterprise have in common with toilet paper? They both wipe out Klingons around Uranus! (cling-ons around your anus, get it?)

    Merriam-Webster lists two accepted pronunciations, either of which sets schoolchildren tittering, essentially “urine us” or “your anus.”

    Astronomy researchers love to say things like: “I’m researching Uranus right now,” or “there’s a new dark spot on Uranus,” or my favorite, “hey, did you know they found a new ring around Uranus?”

    Got a million of ’em, I tell you.

  4. OMFG LOL!
    Merideth said “Your anus is the correct answer!” at the end! The pervert :O
    (She pronounced it as “yoor’aines” instead of “yooraines”.) XD

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