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  1. I couldn’t watch more than 1 minute and that was even WAY too much. Can SUCK even come close to describe this?

  2. Best part: When the kid with the blue guitar got a little electro upgrade because of how all epic fail videos skip in the beginning.

  3. Another video I couldn’t bear to watch all the way through. The audience sure was nice. I can’t believe they weren’t yelling and throwing things. Were they all stoned?

  4. these are little kids in a school talent show…
    imo good effort, to bad they suck like hell, but atleast they got the balls to try it!
    would like to see one of you try the same at that age…

    1. I agree. Plus their performance is a lot better than Axel’s last gig in Dublin Ireland

  5. Bass player wispers to singer…….we suck we should stop now. come on dude stop singing we suck. dude cant even play the guitar right.

  6. he ends it by attempting to calmly smash the guitar on stage. he only managed to loosen the strings a little.
    crowd storms the stage and pins the kids to the walls Encinco Man style. 😉 ther jus made its better!

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