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    1. His girlfriend got to dump him so bad to do this to himself. That guy will never be loved, ever again. How does he eat?? The food will pass through the hole in his tounge.

    2. I saw a cashier in Wal-Mart with harrier arms than mine, and I’m hairy……………

  1. How the hell do you sip any kind of beverage with that configuration. Do you kinda just open your mouth tilt your head back and pour?

    1. The other hand most likely says “free”. Shit gets boring when you’re not getting stoned and you find yourself with extra money to waste on pointless, unflattering body mods.

    1. Its his ear – the conch of an ear is supporting the entire structure of the ear. It looks like his ear is about to collapse, if it hasn’t already. Or maybe the quality of the tats. They are pretty crappy for someone who seems so dedicated to body mod culture.

  2. Somebody didn’t get enough hugs as a kid.

    “Look at me! Look at me! Somebody, please think I am special! Anyone?”

  3. People pull this shit to try and be Unique…But really they look like every other fucken odd ball freak out there that never fit in as a child, so figures i might as well look like a fucken Pin cushion and scare the pants off of people. Keep it in the circus buddy

  4. What happens when he sneezes?

    In other comments, I can’t believe how the people commenting on this it’s have changed in the last half year or so. People should dieded.

  5. If he can’t use his tongue for talking and kissing, that does us all a favor and severely cuts down the odds future douche bag offspring.

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