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  1. “Yeah! That felt goooood!!! May I have another, please?”
    And that must be his best friend there in front grinning like it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen.
    Well, that’s definitely gonna put a kink in his love life for a few days.

      “grinning like it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen” Laughed out loud after rechecking the look on his face!

  2. If i were him, i’d buy the horse after the show strap it somewhere, start making small cuts here and there, stab it’s eyes out to use them as love holes and play with it’s intestines for weeks, while constantly putting large amounts of salt on them, but make sure i keep it alive. Nice slow painful death… mmmm i got goosebumps

    1. I feel you man. This one time a dog bit my inside thigh…1 inch away from my scrotum. So next time I saw that dog I put a piece of steak in the middle of a sheet. Wrapped him up and tied his legs together. I then had the idea of putting a fire cracker in its rectum and light it. I was a kid and didnt expect it to be such a mess or for a dog to be so loud. But it happened… and nothing has gone near my scrotum since.

    2. So, PETA, your saying that you’ve never had sex, right? You said that nothing has gone near your scrotum, right? KellyD (with the red doohickey by her name) would probably help you with that. He/she/it likes virgin scrotums.

  3. I love how that fella’s buddy is standing there laughing, like he’s thinking, “Glad it ain’t me, ese!”

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