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  1. what in the hell was the cop doing texting his wife about how he was going to fuck her that night and getting horny.

    1. Why would that even make sense? Are you in such a dry spell sexually that EVERY aspect of EVERY person’s life has to be about sex? Seriously? He could’ve been a fat dude eating a sandwich, or sneezed! Or..full of rage……..

    2. Gabrielle The Viking yo ass most likely is hatin cuz u probally dont b gettin no sex. So next time yo ass decide to talk bout a damn sandwich u need to think twice and if you u sneezed how in the hell would u go up under a bus that quick, so we know who does not know how to drive. You is just damn nearly stupid as hell. Go to school n get a life. U need to b on time for English class with yo dumb ass.

    3. Gabrielle_The_Viking… are you stupid? There are a few reasons why you make no sence at all
      1. sneezing causes a person to crash under a bus? Okay please explain
      2. how does a fat person eating a sandwich cause a crush under a bus? please explain.
      Atleast “you” had a good reason. Yours are stupid. Sit your ass down with that shit.

      Oh and Justbob “you” did not fail, you failed.

  2. DUI POSSIBLR DUI!! Oh no wait thats normal a pigs driving that car, carry on people nothing to see here

  3. There could be a perfectly logical reason for this…The bus and sheriff’s car were cruising at an approximate speed of 30 miles per hour. A kid is walking his german shepherd, it sees a squirrel, breaks from the leash, runs in front of the bus that has a green light, the bus driver slams on the break trying not to hit the dog, the sheriff’s car rear ends the bus and goes under it…simple.

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