Cake Decorator Fail


People Fail

My roommates Aunt called Costco to order a cake for her Masters Graduation party. She told the African-American lady to write “Way to go Sugie!”

and underneath that write “Congratulations!” She also specified her school colors were purple and gold. Attached is what was created… Ebonics and all.”

Submitted by Nick L.

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  1. How is this the fault of the bakery? This is the jackasses fault who phoned it in. Did they think the bakery was going to put “congratulations” on the side or bottom of the cake?

    1. Ummmm… Not even sure where to begin here. The colors are wrong and, yes, they indeed expected the word ‘Congratulations’ to appear after the initial ‘Way to go, Sugie” message. Side or bottom? WTF? Are you ok?

    2. You’re right Sean..People don’t get paid to do a good job or think before the act..

  2. I have to say, that is a beautiful Cake. I think from now on, i will add in “and underneat dat” message on the cake on purpose

  3. so was the instructions for the cake given in writing, or over the phone?
    “I’d like a cake made”
    “ok sure, what would you like it to say?”
    “quote the cake”

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