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    1. My thoughts exactly. The bottle shape and label look like Neumarkt by Heineken – a very cheap and crappy brand that is sold, as far as I know, only in Romania.

    1. Fuck them,this is why i`m in total agree with alex,try living with this savages and you will see racism growing in you,fucking monkeys,gipsy shoud be shot on sight if you ask me

    2. Totally. I never had a problem with Mexicans either until I started working loss prevention and saw just what kind of shameless, breeding gump thieves they are. I bust more Mexicans than everyone else put together.

  1. I don’t get the fail..if it’s alcoholic, she’s not letting the kid have any..if it’s not alcohol, then maybe she’s having a sip before she gives the rest to her kid!!

    1. Seriously? The fail is not only is she drinking around 2 young kids in the first place, but whoever the guy is is smoking near them, too! She also looks like she lives on the street and the poor kids are hungry/thirsty. There’s a lot of things wrong with this picture.

    2. Lol. People drink around their kids at Barbecues, football games, restaurants..ALL the damn time.

      On top of that, people smoke when they take their kids to the damn park! It happens all the damn time. The kids got a damn pacifier and decent clothes on! She’s obviously got SOME money..sure, the baby’s got a stain on their shirt, but it could’ve been from lunch! All I’m saying is there’s no blatant fail. The only reason half the people who think this is a fail are saying it’s a fail, is because we’ve been told it’s a fail.

  2. fucking gippsy, they make us romanians look bad in every part of the world, when u say romanians everybody thinks where gipsy…i hope for a day they will get shot down, them and all the ones who sustain these pests!(sorry for my grammar)

    1. Your country has a bad reputation for being corrupt and disrespectful. You dont even do your job properly, people have to bribe you to do it. Not even the doctors do their jobs without bribes. I will not even mention the police :)) Romania is the plague in Europe.
      Do not throw all the shit on the gypsies because we know truth about you Romanians also

  3. It’s Romania..From a gipsy wedding..The “royal wedding of gipsies”..It was even on the news… =))..I hate my country 8-|

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