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  1. youre on the wrong page you little faggot. and if you want to ignore somebody, don’t write a fucking thesis about and to them first; just do it. makes it a lot easier for us not to read your fucking ridiculous banter first, thanks.

  2. Just coming on here to say pretty much the same thing! Cheers, for getting there first. We can all laugh at the shit on here, but not at the expense of somone being called a n-word. That’s just downright, fucking offensive.

  3. Lol…The only people who use this word nowadays,are black people themselves.When was the last time you’ve heard a white person rap/sing and calling his own race ‘cracker’ ‘cheesehead’ ‘pale face’ ’round eye’ or anything like that?
    Sure the white people used that word for black people back in the day.But it’s the black people still using it.(And the rednecks who are to dumb to whipe their own ass ofcourse..)

  4. Hey Yep,
    You are just as bigoted as people that use the N- word. How can you chastise someone for using the N-word, and think it’s ok to use the word “retard”? What’s wrong with “differently abled person”? Oh…it’s not funny like “retard”. Sorry, I’ll tell everyone that has special needs children that you said it’e ok to use “retard” because it doesn’t offend anyone! Asshole.

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