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  1. this isnt a fail this is more of a win lol cuz she is doing jeferey stars makeup if anything he is a fail hahaha

  2. Lmfao this is my picture, it was a jeffree star tutorial on youtube. Not my fault that other immitators are hating. Makeup i play with, and unlike most of you i have a real life. Feel free to visit my

  3. I actually like her makeup job.. Its well done..but only for someone who has a costume on.. or clubkids..cuz if your a clubkid nobody cares how you look, and it is meant to be obscene and extremely out of the norm…..makes me wonder how many of my photos have been posted on this site.. i should start looking for myself on here.. LMFAO… :p

  4. She would look ok’ish if she lowered the eye makeup down abit,unpinkened her brows,fixed the lighting on her face,and made her lips smaller!

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