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    1. ROFLMAO!

      Take that liberals!
      Solid proof of the negro intelligence,or lack therefore!

    2. YOUR A DUMBASS LALINJO! Show common republican ignorance, that’s why you guys are dying off and us “liberals” are taking over. Is that why me as a “stupid” half “negro” is about to get my masters degree in medicine in 3 weeks?

    3. thats funny. what is wrong with these people really? That’s a country you can get away with anything. Blame the goat for the bank robbery, the stolen shit and whatever. What dumbasses

    4. @garmani71, You’re*.
      Just figured if you’re going to call someone a “dumbass” you might want to do it properly, Mr. “Masters in Medicine”.

      Agreed, it’s terrible that even made the newspaper. Really, blaming a goat with “black magic”?

  1. – Where’s the robber?
    – He escaped in a car!
    – Oh f*ck… take that goat and say it was her!
    – Yes sir!

    1. Comon, it’s Africa. Even at war those freaks (pretty close to Nigeria, it was during civil war in Liberia) weared not camo, but bright clothing, even an orange lifejacket, and women’s dress. That’s because of belief that wearing clothes of other people will help to cheat ones own death (or maybe certain colours will scare away bullets?), something like that.


  2. These are the proud people that African Americans celebrate and hate Whitey for taking them away from hundreds of years ago. All of a sudden, living in America seems worth a few hundred years of ancestors you don’t know being slaves, doesn’t it?

    1. Rape is the national sport of many countries in Africa. In Kongo there are 48 rapes per hour, or 1.25 per minute. Whole villages are raped at a time. When an African male is infected with HIV, he simply rapes a virgin and he’s cured. Hunting Albinos for their limbs is also popular in Africa. Apparently they put them in their magical potions.

      Needless to say, sub-Saharan Africa has an IQ below 70 on average. African Americans are up at around 80, because 90% of them have white ancestors. If it the whites didn’t discover these people, they would still be living in clay huts without even as much as inventing the wheel. So, yeah, you did them a huge favor.

    2. ERWIN THAT WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAILED RESPONSES EVER!!! I have yet to meet a “dumb” African American. That should be a failed responses because for me as a half African American me and my LOW level of 80 for an IQ is graduating with honors for my masters degree in medicine in # weeks buddy. Alos, is that why in Africa we were once the most powerful continent in the world with countless amounts of gold while Europe was living in slums, and basically “Ghettos”? Is that why we have a black president? Yep were taking over America.

    3. @Garmani71
      I don’t know he seems to have a point, compare Africa Europe and Asia, let’s don’t talk about America as it is very multicultural and besides Africa never was the most powerfull continent. Yes it did had gold mines, but the Africa gave birth to little Great civilizations like Songhai.
      Europe had Rome, middle east had Persia Asia has China

  3. All you stupid fucking racists… you FAIL to see that is just how bubmlefucked they have the peoples minds – to be able to print this shit, AND GET AWAY WITH IT!??!! Plus too, alot of them believe in ‘black magik/voodoo’ stuff so they accept this as truth – HEH – if they only knew the PD is getting their funding renewed based on ‘closed/solved’ cases they might wanna get rid of the PD!!!

  4. You are all wrong. The goat was trying to get back at the entire human population because of the idiot high on bath salts in West Virginia…He raped and killed a goat while wearing ladies lingerie. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

  5. Are you kidding me?? These comments are racist af! WTH??!?!?!?!? You guys with the racist comments are so fucking ignorant, I can’t even believe it!

  6. Garmani please tell me when africa was the most powerful continent. If any part of africa was powerful, it was north africa and the muslims-not the blacks. It was the arabic cultures. Please explain to me while your powerful ppl are living in huts made out of dung and bathing in cow piss. They are living in the stone age if not worse. Also, they perform oral sex on cows to get them to ovulate.There is a video of it on the BBC website.So much for ur advanced and powerful nation

  7. GArmani is a delusional clown that lives in the slums of Santa Rosa yet claims to be a millionaire. His liver is 70 years old. He is illiterate and claims to be in medical school at COMMUNITY COLLEGE! HE also claims to be an Armani model! Meanwhile he stalks people on twitter and stalks little girls, and bullies cancer kids. He’s fodder guys! Check out his parody page on twitter @DelusionalDummy … he’s exposed daily as the phony illiterate broke uneducated #Catfish that he is! All of Chicago hates this loser!

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