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  1. When he kisses a woman, the woman says : “your mouth taste like shoe” he says: “yeah, I lick the front of shoes” (woman confused leaves hitting him with her purse.

  2. This is raw footage from the video shoot for House Of Pain’s “Take Off Your Shit Kickers And Lick Some Shit.”

  3. I agree with Tex… hilarious but F’d up. I love the Clinton Wigger reference!
    Does anyone know what the heck the guy was licking his shoe for? He really looked like he was enjoying it.

  4. HAHAHAHA… LMAO… its somehow true, black people makes USA look bad… imagine USA without black and mexican gangs, be better off without them… peace

  5. God is love he made us all different this man licking his shoe has nothing to do with colour, we all have souls and a God we are accountable too, no one has right to look down on another. God is love.

    1. Apparently… God didn’t teach you how to punctuate, capitalize, and I’m going to assume spelling, but since there is a spell check I can’t confirm. WOW u r fuckin dumb

  6. what the video fails to show is that Epic Beard Man was sitting across from him. This guy was just trying to avoid a beatdown.

  7. I didn’t even bother reading it all… I bet you have a low IQ. Almost all the racist people (of all colours) I’ve ever met make retards look like mensa members.

    Good luck with all the hatefulness, I’m sure it’s very fulfilling 😉

    1. No…. Crack is a hell of a drug. Fuck yo couch house nigga. I’m Rick James bitch.

  8. We read your blathering already. No need to copy and paste it 100 times. It wasn’t funny or clever the 1st time.
    Now go get me a sandwich boy. While you’re at it, bring me your black ass sister so I can use her for a foot stool.

  9. Lol just some guy im black that was funny lol you remind me of uncle ruckus from the boondocks LOL that sounds like something he wouldve said

  10. Why do they let this crap on here but sometimes they don’t let me post links to articles related to the fail?

  11. Mutated Frog, if you stayed in the water long enough, you’d get soggy too. Well, maybe not you because you’re a frog, but people do. Do mutated frogs get soggy in water?

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