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  1. oh yes indeed arnold has failed as a husband, but not as a father, his wife shouldn’t fail as a mother or a wife, i believe this is time the woman should support and stand beside his husband, i know how it feels, bcos i’ve been there, but hey, arnold is still your husband , don’t throw away all that you’ve suffered for all these years, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Fuck that… he cheated. And will again. Only a stupid one will stay with a dude like that.

    2. Ugh no! Their marriage was a lie from jump. His love child was a big humiliation blow not to mention all the other women he has been sleeping with in the marriage. I say she should move on. Any woman that sticks with his antics is STUPID. He is a selfish typical man with power that thinks with his genitals than valuing his family. He failed as a father, husband, and a man. I can’t stand a cheating lying person moreso a man. He took vows and violated every damn one of them so screw that suffered bullshit. She should walk away and be there for her kids. He wasn’t thinking of his kids while he was planting is dick in every opportunistic bitch that was wagging her ass. There is not enough money to compensate for her pain. Unfortunately that is all she will be compensated with. Stand by your man is a crock of shit.

    3. @teenae Many many many many (do I need to say many anymore times?) stick by men who are way worse than the governator. And they don’t have his money. Or his fame. Or his stature. I agree with you somewhat, but she was there for the money. He was fucking women from the start and she knew it. If you married someone and knew that they were promiscuous from the start, would you be mad when you found out they fucked around? Now topple on top of that the fact that he’s a famous as shit. Sex is easy to come by when you’re famous. Just saying…

  2. was the household staffer a good looking woman? or was it just a drunken booty call for the arnold?

    1. Ok, I like this. Stoopid liberals are to blame because they like illegal immigration. The bitch wouldn’t have been here to bone Ahnold if he was a true Republican.

  3. who the fuck cares that he got his dick wet in some strange.. he gets a win for maning up to it to his wife and not letting the press tell her first

  4. wheres the john edwards fail, the jesse jackson fail, the ted kennedy drunkin murder fail,the clinton affair fail?

  5. I’m confused. Did he father this child with his “member” or his “household staff”?
    That’s a cool reference to your willie, though. I’m gonna start calling mine “My Household Staff”. Yeah!

  6. This isnt a fail, the Governator can still get some sweet young tail.. Thats an Epic Win no matter how you look at it!!!

  7. Have any of you actually LOOKED at Shriver?? I feel bad for Arnie – must have been like fucking an extra from Dawn of the Dead.

  8. apparently she hasn’t seen the video of him comparing working out to cumming. nor the video of him smokin a joint.

  9. George Lopez told a story on a talk show about smoking pot with Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold gets defensive and states that Tommy Chong is lying he never smoked pot.
    Then Cheech Marin announcer that George Lopez’s story is true.
    Arnold (apparently high) continues to defend himself once again stating that Tommy Chong is lying.

    After several weeks Tommy Chong finally did speak and he said he was there and the the stories that George Lopez, and Cheech Marin had told were true.

    1. Anyone who takes steroids will lie about anything. His whole life is phoney and a shallow ego trip…body building (fake), acting (fake), politics (power hungry ego maniac). Politicians are made of 2 types: a) those that truly want to make a difference in their community or world and b) those that kick those poor ignorant bastards out and fill the seats of government to serve their greed.

  10. Watch the anniversary version of “Pumping Iron”. Arnold acts like an arrogant prick and after he wins Mr. Olympia in 1975, he celebrates the win getting high on camera.

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