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    1. I might disagree on “white”, you know. 8D
      Or let’s say, they fail to be white. And cincerely this picture could as well be placed in “WTF?!” category.

    2. Stupid for wanting to be black. For a second there, I was thinking: “Wow, pretty black girls. That’s a first.” Then bam. They’re white!

    3. thats funny i never seen a preyyt white girl they all look like pointy nosed dogs…no wonder they tryin to mix in with black ppl white girs are lames…

    1. It’s replies like yours Tylor, that compels bitches to think they can do whatever hideous “beauty” regimen they’d like to themselves and still get dicked.

  1. Wait,there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. These two bitches were playing with each other’s feces and smeared it all over their face.

    1. Thing 1 and Thing 2 went to the tan salon near timbetru to try there new product made them look like..shit.

  2. Don’t these ditzy broads know that putting on blackface is racist as hell? Who do they think they are, the daughters of Al Joleson?

    1. How is it racist? If anything, it is the opposite of racist. They are embracing blacks and are obviously not to scared of looking black themselves as most people would be disgusted by it. Get over it, idiot.

    2. @Haha You are racist as HELL! It is 2011! The color of a person’s skin in NO LONGER relavant considering the president is BLACK! Never the less NONE of it matters! What is digusting is being a person like YOU, ignorant and so full of hate FOR NO APPARENT reason! “Ignorance is spelled Y-O-U!”