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    1. Fatherless whores!! Just like these bitches!! Those stripper poles aint gonna dance themselves!!

    1. you should be ashamed of yourself for even saying some self racist things like that.YOU hate your own dark skin that is not the fault of any one or more videos like this.Cunts like you is why im always dealing true comfortable with yourself and who you are and race will be the last thing EVER that should be spoken about!….love,someone from your own race

    2. Don’t worry Prop Girl, I feel you on this one. I don’t wanna be associated with some of our people either.

    1. This did more damage to walmart than that documentary that came out about how they treat their empolyees like slaves.

    1. Ummmm a long time ago….. Even the employers and employees refer to it, or Wal-Martians if you will…..

  1. yal sum dumb azz bitchs dat y blacks run n shit n u white bitches ant got shit fuck yall n yall kids yall some broke bitchs yal wish yal white bitchs had our azz our pretty black skin our good pusssy so get wit it or get lost u kkk az bitchs yal white motherfucker eveny us u must like da shit if ur dumb azz watching n it bet ur dumb white azz wnt say it 2 us keep say n on a computer screen but u wont say it n da street datz wat da fuck i no keep hide n cuz i c yall it ova wit bitchs

    1. WOW is she edjumacated. Thats some ebonix shit right there. Way to make your point you dumb bitch.

    2. Honkey Translation: I disagree with you guys. I feel like The African American community has really taken some strides in the right direction. Because we can get you to watch a video we make, regardless of content, and have you transfixed on our beautiful dark skin. So if you’re a white supremacist I feel your ignorance is a serious downfall, especially when we know you enjoy watching our videos Anyway but wont admit it. You should consider yourselves hypocrites.

    3. Oi fuck off, i’m from Louisiana and don’t diss someone when you can’t spell jack shit ‘esmi’
      let’s correct you huh?

    4. How did you figure out how to turn the computer on when you cant even speak correct english? Oh thats right you must have went to the library where the computer was already on. But then how did you type the web address right in order to get here? I’m not racist in the least bit but you don’t do anything to make your people look any better. Just sayin.

    5. Every one knows that white bitches got the best pussy. And have you not noticed how many white girls are starting to have booties, that just kills you monkey lookin bitches when you see a beautiful white girl with an ass. And if black bitches are so great than why is it that black men LOVE us? Black girls will hate a girl just because they’re pretty, especially when they’re white. I’m proud to be part of a race that has a wide range of hair color and eye color body types and race where woman don’t look like monkeys

    6. Jessica is a troll trying to make black people look bad. @I.Have.Boobs I have boobs too 36F to be exact, a beautiful face, a small waist,nice ass, Oh and I’m educated…Which is why white guys,(usually ones that are well to do), try to get with my type. It’s been going on since slavery. So don’t think that just because you’re white and the USUALLY (not all the time) black guys that want your money and/or someone to control go after you that you have something over us. You can continue watching Jerry Springer and eating your ding dongs in your trailer now. I’m done.

    7. Ummmm what exactly do black people run?? Lol and I think black pussy looks like roast beef in the worst way possible I know alot of white girls with asses and only half of U black girls have nice asses the rest are square or looks like a sandwich bag full of jello black guys like white girls because alot if the black girls they date don’t know how to act civilized or speak English properly like you. If you want to make a valid point try not acting like a walking stereotype I don’t sound tough U sound retarded, just sayin

  2. dude, seriously, N bombs are so 40 years ago. There are tons of things about this song to make fun of. get some wit.

    1. you missed the best bit then
      ring it up ring it up ring ring ring riri riririririring it up

  3. He’s better than Chris Brown. Which is saying very little. This video should be titled decline of the Western Civilization. There’s a little spot saved for people like this it’s called the Venice, Ca Boardwalk.

  4. yah whit people better not be talking yah the ones trying act like us trying to mad getto and shit like yah suck mad balls

    1. lol look guys!! her first name is after an expensive car, lawl whats you middle name Porsche? yes yes there are white people that act like they are black, but we are just as much ashamed of them as most intelligent black people are ashamed of ghetto, hood rats like yourself. lmfao….mercedes

  5. Like Double You Tee EF!!! Man i hate repetitive songs in general but this ish ish is effin flabbergasting. This vid brought me back to when this booty poppin, grimey street hood, no sense, rap videos first appeared (girl you look good when u bak dat azz up) yall know what im talking about!! well im glad that shit is all done and over with, but this bright rap “artist” thought it would be a good idea to get a few of his hood rats in booty shorts and make a video about picking bitches up ion walmart… idk if he was trying to be funny, or serious, either way he FAILED both attempts

  6. Is ‘jungle bunny’ still cool? Those porch monkeys sure can jiggle… not so good at writing lyrics though…

  7. This video doesn’t make any sense at all. I’m just sitting here speechless. Lol, this is sad if they think they can have a crappy song and ass shaking in a video and make a hit.

  8. Coco Fail!!! First off, you cant say im not gonna put down your race by putting down the race right off the bat. That was stupid as hell, and it doesnt reflect your so called education. Dont respond to these if your just being ignorant yourself.

  9. Can you say the next best version of what the Walmart greeters are to look like!

    LOL – can you imagine it, “welcome to Wally World”.. jiggle,jiggle,jiggle,jiggle!! children screaming, old women faiting and the the boyz are all just standing there!

  10. What can be said about this video that hasn’t already been said about Jersey Shore. We’re laughing at you, not with you. This epic fail, unlike most, shames an entire race of people.

  11. im not racist, but i will say this was very repetative and annoying, but just so you know im white and you dont need to be black to have a fine ass ūüėČ and i know that is what i got. come on now i know you can write about something better than goin and picking up a hott chick at walmart haha.

  12. Yeah Cuz you know its epically awsome to make a vid of 2 local ghetto skanks in walmart shaking their jelly donut asses on camera for the promise of “youll make it big”.

  13. all these girls ( for lack of better words) can do is shake their as is their face that jacked up this is so gross and women should not portray them selves like this regardles of the race this is why some women only attract asshole men because they act like this and do shit like this

  14. Reaper, here is a lesson for you because i know you only made it to the third grade.White people (also the Caucasian race) is a term usually referring to human beings characterized (at least in part) by the light pigmentation of their skin. Rather than being a straightforward description of skin color, the term white denotes a specific set of ethnic groups and functions as a color metaphor for race. fffuuuucccckkkk you!

  15. Guys, I do not get how this ass shake is considered sexy. Without being racist, it does seem to be a black thing, and I like black women and white women, but the second I see this it scares the shit out of me. It’s just so classless, and I feel like I am looking up from the bottom of a toilet bowl whilst somke big old ass is coming down towatrds me.

    1. C’√ɬ® anche chi con l’illogicit√ɬ† delle cose, fa affari!!! Ecco perch√ɬ© quando ti dicono qualcosa, prima di credere cerca di fare qualche domanda.Se poi vuoi credere agli asini che volano…fai te….

  16. Simpletons think that repetitiveness can be made up for by jiggling flesh. Kill it with fire. I want this guy to silently suffocate inside of a clothing rack.

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