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    1. Yeah, seems he had a mild seizure and was comming out of it there at the end of the video.

    1. Hahaha! That was definitely a cartoon moment. I think I saw ‘Acme” branded on the side of the weights.

    1. I agree, what the fuck is wrong with epicfail and the comments? This ain’t no joke or laughing matter, what a bunch of lowlifes here.

    2. its not epilepsy he was like any other rookie trynna hold his breath no oxygen o the brain he’d wake up in like 5 sec

    3. Go ahead and joke. It was his fault he fainted and convulsed. He does not have epilepsy. Or at least, if he does, it’s unrelated.

    4. lmfao this is too funny he was just lifting some cardboard the other guy just tossed it with one hand when he fell

  1. Wait! wait! wait….. back it up here….

    the white dude rocking the frow-hawk that walked past him gave him a major ‘do-me’ look… I think there’s a ‘toughness’ fail or a ‘just friends’ fail here somewhere… hahahhahahhaaha…

  2. def Epilepsy I saw a guy do this face forward onto a gravel driveway right in front of me, I could hardly believe what I saw! then I was told emotional stress can bring on seizures, I felt to blame because just before hand I told him I released my pet rabbit into the wild because I felt sorry for it been stuck in a cage, he got all stressed and upset and was like he will die, then he took off and had the seizure and left in a ambulance, all because I thought I was helping the poor rabbit out.

  3. Tony is right. Oops is wrong. It is not epilepsy. He was straining so hard to lift the weight that the baroreceptors in his carotid arteries (sensors that detect blood pressure) detected high pressure, and signaled to the nervous system, mistakenly, that the blood pressure was too high, so his blood pressure dropped. Just a brief drop in BP can be enough to make you faint, which he did. What you saw afterwards is a “pseudoseizure,” quite common after fainting, where there are brief convulsions that are mistaken for epileptic seizures.

    1. not true. to truly explain this it will take time, patience, and remorse, as well as acceptance. what happened here is very contradicting to common thought and acknowledgement, that is why most people couldnt quite understand. the person, aka rookie and all the other names you in seminaries dubbed him, happened to have a rare event that happens all the time. it is very easy to tell what this is if you know anything. this is a ridiculous amount of words in a paragraph that explains nothing at all. hopefully most of you stopped reading by now. if not i am sorry to hear that. so sorry to tell you that youre all wrong. primary example…

  4. I like how his friend was able to throw the barbell off of him with one hand. I guess it couldn’t have been too heavy.

  5. It was not epilepsy, he just got a blackout and the shakin` was caused by the lack of oxigen. I have seen many times, since i`m training chokes.

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