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  1. Seriously blacks…..
    No one really considers you as equals.
    This little diddy of a clip proves my point.
    Can we get our money back for all the cash this country has wasted on your useless souls?

    1. Can we get our blood, sweat & tears back from the generations of people who built this country…? You people…SAD!

  2. Nasty Ass Monkeys … thats the mentality of rap loving monkeys. They think this is the shit. Rap was the start of the downfall of the us. Now even the president is a fucking monkey.

  3. Fat black ladies!
    They look like ape had an intercourse with a sea cucumber.
    Especialy onw with a swollen lips.

  4. Slaves sung a white language and played white instruments in the same style that white bards have done for centuries. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the person that created it was black, he used white tools and white instructions. Also, white people re-invented blues and made rock n roll, so it’s essentially a white genre.

  5. Bullshit! True originality always evolves from education or in other words from knowing what you do, no matter the color of the skin.

    Stupid idiots and rappers of all colors who think they are geniuses without knowing the first thing about music or singing or rhythm or anything, but want to make a lot of cash, they are the lowest form of life on Earth.

  6. wow wtf this is a multi fail, 1st there is a fat bitch..2nd these hoes cant dance..3rd did you see this fool pull out a quaker oats box..4th these hoes got a hand full of ones.. and 5th i cant even tell if thats the fat bitches tits or her stomach…SUPER EPIC FAIL

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