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    1. Marines like those are one of the reasons America sucks.You commit some crime, they don’t just arrest you, they treat you like shit and won’t even give you the satisfaction to tell the media what they put you through.Really, fuck police, fuck marines, fuck USA.

    2. fuck you. you wanna be American that probably just got the shit beat out of you. stay in whatever the hell country you are in now. they probably lost a war against us. you come over here and say that shit and those 4 Marines will be waiting on the corner for your ass.

    3. fuck you. you wanna be American that probably just got the shit beat out of you. stay in whatever the hell country you are in now. they probably lost a war against us. you come over here and say that shit and those 4 Marines will be waiting on the corner for your ass.

      Way to troll French. Shut up please.

    4. As far as Gallade goes, fuck off. That dude tried to kill a Marine. What happened after that was his fault. He’s lucky they didn’t kill him on the spot.
      As far as fuck the police, wow wasn’t that old in the mid 90’s? Even Ice T has been playing a cop on TV for years now, and his biggest hit that I know of was “copkiller”, but I’m not big on the rap scene.

    5. He shoulda got fucked up! he stabbed a marine -_____- fuck is wrong with him?? hes lucky they aint kill his dumb ass.

    6. Whats with the hating on the marines? It doesn’t matter who you are, someone stabs your friend he’s gonna get fucked up. If you disagree, well get some better fucking friends.

    7. Gallade, as a an officer candidate in the Marine Corps. i would like to say, that the Marines are some badass you-know-whats and that the thief certainly picked the wrong day to rob best buy. like them or not, Marines will put themselves between you and danger every time. I would gladly die in your place any day so that you can enjoy this great country. Granted it is not perfect, but i love it with all my heart. So on that note, i hope you have a great day and enjoy the things that make you happy.


    8. @Gallade

      Relax. I don’t like police brutality or excessive force any more than you, and I’m usually among the first to speak out. But that’s not what this was. Dude tried to stab someone in the back (a marine, retardedly enough) and his buddies came to his defense. ANY decent person would have come to a friend’s defense in a situation like that. These just happened to be a few particularly well-trained friends, so it’s no surprise the guy got messed up.

    9. Really? Even though the story sounds really fake and probably is, I don’t get why people are so against this. I get the whole thing with us being the world police I hate it too, but this incident has nothing to do with them being marines. The man was trying to steel things that weren’t his before stabbing one of a group of 4 people, and you’re telling me that they didn’t have the right to stop him? Like I said, the story is probably fake, but the point is the same. Just my two cents.

  1. well what the fuck did Tyrone Jackson(nignog) expect? He tried to steal and then to make matters worse stabs a marine in front of other marines.

    1. gee, you think? he tried to kill a marine with other marines standing there, im sure other injuries occured on accident… lol

    1. Yup. I’ve fallen from several sidewalks and have YET to brake anything. That sidewalk must have been a marine

  2. To Darth Diggler. The only war America has ever won they lost at the exact same time. Every time a America goes to war they need Britain to back them up. Look what happened in Vietnam, got your fat cheesburger munching ass’s handed to you by 4ft midgets with no teeth who were already dying from starvation. Then you decide to invade Iraq, Had to get Britain to come and bail your ass’s out AGAIN

    1. Read a book dumbass, the kill to death ratio in vietnam was 20-1, also the first gulf war? America kicked the shit out of Sadam Hussien’s army, losing less then 100 lives and leading the charge to remove his army from Kuwait, then we toppled his regime the second time around. Tell me how Britain bailed us out “again”?

    2. it cracks me up how everyone seems to forget that the US originally went into Vietnam to bail out the french

    3. I think its funny how most people don’t know that America supported Hitler before the war really got ramped up. in fact, America supplied Germany with a lot of material they used for the war.

  3. Fuck all who hate against the usa, just because u live in a shit hole country doesnt mean we are the same, so whit this i say fuck you, fuck youre shit hole country and die and go strait to hell, have a nice day!

  4. Only took 5 of them to do it too. Brave folks these “Marines”, and in Augusta, home of Ft.Gordon, US Army Special Forces battalion there.

  5. Ever heard of the Darwin awards ? If the guy is so stupid he stabs 1 of 4 marines, then best he gets taken out of the gene pool. The world’s dumb enough !

  6. My father and grandfather were both Marines and they would have done the same thing. And like that one guy said, it could have been regular civilians and the same thing would have happened. Only reason the Marines got away with it is b/c they protect our country and most of the US has respect for them. or if you dont believe that, it could be taken as self defense

  7. You stab someone in the back, you deserve to get your ass kicked by them and all their friends.

    I find it highly entertaining how suddenly a bunch of people are pissed off because it just happened to be marines that performed the service of delivering this man’s desserts.

    How about paying attention to the point of the story. Dumb ass criminal tries to fight when halted by four grown men who were likely much larger than himself. The fact that they were highly trained just means Karma has a sense of humor.

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