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  1. WTF? honestly, i hope that guy doesnt make another video like this, because he just sucked at being a rapper…i have to admit though…i did like the beat they used…

    1. I love how they are rapping about ballin in the club and luis vutton swagger
      they are broke as hell walking on train tracks lol

    2. dose the kid have down syndrome or some shit he cant even pronounce the fucking words but they had a fy beat

    1. Rap = The biggest joke ever played on white, middle-class kids.
      Sean = White, middle-class kid that got played by the Brothas.

  2. it’s painfully obvious these kids are just making a joke of the husky one…he looks challenged in someway.

    1. Joking or Not People Like You Is The Reason Hip Hop / Rap is Filled with Jokes. Sadly in these Times Hate Makes More than Love

  3. sounded exactly like the rest of the rap biz sounds like, just replace fat ass black guy with fat ass spoiled white teen kid.

  4. VIRGIN and will remain a virgin because of this video jesus white people need to stop rapping the ONLY good one is eminem all others are just fucking terrible and notice how all of them dont make music anymore

    1. Yeah, M & M’s are good. They’re the best candy EVER!!!
      Oh, you meant that a$$hole Eminem…Yeah, he is a great “rapper”…when he’s unconscious…
      Rap is DEAD! It died in the 80’s. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to read the obituary. Now it’s just like Weekend at Bernie’s. It’s a corpse being dragged around by a bunch of no talent idiots.

    2. he so over rated he talked about killing his baby moms and shit and everyone praised him yeah OK take away the crazy shit he used to talk about and what you got today’s M & M rapping about nothing he irrelevant when he has to rap about real shit instead of tying his bm up and throwing her in a trunk.

  5. i kinda liked the video for some reason. it wasn’t all that great, but those kids are young and it must have taken a lil hard work to make the video

  6. umm going to the club huh? you nub punchers wouldn’t make it to the door without mom givin you a ride.

  7. Awee…how adorable.
    A multi-cultural band of dip shit losers.
    You lib-tards probably came over seeing this.

  8. I think I know why he’s called “Locomotive”. Because in prison there would be a train of guys lined up behind him taking turns.

  9. wow !!! locomotive curt ??? hehe “excuse me umm get off, choo choo.” these kids are like what fifteen maybe younger…what fucking louis v, i dont see no fuckin lincon, suicide doors where ??and bitches please..thats what they are saying to u shoo shoo. he gets a thumbs up for trying but try put in some work and talk some real shit and then u might get respect.

    1. how do you bowl someone’s ass over? Is that when you put a bowl on your head and ram them like a gazelle?

  10. Ok im black but all you othere fucking blacks are soo racist! wtf is wrong with white people i mean WHITE CHICKS ARE FUCKING HOTT and blacks can be slutty bitches

  11. They are trying to be so gangsta…but they record the video in the middle of suburbia??? Wasn’t that a Ford Fusion in the back?

    1. Yeah, because rap videos are always… wait… rap videos are shot all over the map… fuck son, even mansions, ghettos, in a fucking minivan… what’s your point? I smell a jealous comment here. Didn’t make the cut for this group??

    2. So SMRT, you think this is good music? Guess you fall into one of the categories listed below…

  12. I think it’s great that disabled people are making music that other retards (and black people) can appreciate… good on you little buddies!

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