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    1. Just a jersey shore girl in 3 years from now. You know how all those nasty jungle-bush guido girls balloon up.

  1. only in America can you be a fucking lardass useless cheeseburger processing unit and have it called a disability.Shes living the American Dream.

    1. Well… In a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”… Ass being rock and Kraken being scissors… I think we know what would happen.

  2. How does she wipe her ass after a shit. I bet if you spread those puppies it would look like spreading a grill cheese.

    1. I was eating when I read your reply you prick…fuck I threw up in my mouth with the mental picture burning in my mind , LMAO.

  3. its shopped people for fucks sake.
    look at that ass. height and width of it are impossibly disproportionate. you need another ass cheek between those two.

  4. If the lazy bitch got her fat asses (yes I said asses) of that damned scooter she would lose some frigging weight and land mass, and not wind up on this site…

  5. attention all shoppers we are missing 3 power scooters if found please tell customer service right away. that you and remember all ways shop at walmart.

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