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    1. Fair enough if you want to laugh at someone else from the safety of your pc. But actually putting their contact details up is bang out of order.

    2. She’s going to kill herself after the onslaught of ridicule she recieves on fagbook. Yes facebook is for fags, get a life, no one cares what you do….

  1. what a freak, but seriously tho, the pic should be taken down, it gives away too many details, where she’s from and who she works for, we don’t want to be responsible for some nutjob turning up looking for her.

  2. Amie Lauren. That censor bar isn’t all too hard to decipher. And damn, it’s a real FB account too. Whoa! Someone tell Avon there’s a cosmetic shortage, cuz someone used the entire warehouse on her face!

  3. The aliens have landed!
    We ve missed the intervention
    They are already among us!And they even have FB accounts!

  4. EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You can, however, the system is designed to &#&e10;sque2ze-out8#8222; additional pips Automatically. I would recommend setting up a FALLBACK (FB) closer to the TP , that way lose of pips from original TP is low

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