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  1. I wonder why this pack of idiots, decided to go to the fkng ocean in a small ass boat, with a fkng SHARK surrouding them?!

  2. You know it got serious as hell when the guy behind the camera said, “Nigga, Don’t” to Brian, the idiot who want to actually go after the BIGGER shark!

  3. Too bad the cool actions of the shark were wasted on these obviously young clowns! “OMG and WTF??” seem to be the only words they know!! Must have been said 100 times each. I found myself thinking in my head “PLEASE SHARK EAT ALL 3 of them so we don’t have to hear “OMG” and “WTF” for another fricking 3 minutes!!!! And Jeez whats up with the one white kid talking all “wannabe gansta, kiss blacks ass I wanna be “top Spades best friend” crap??? “Nigga” and “bitch” are “cool” words to say from a white kids’ mouth ??? Lol.. so much for OBama and the ultraliberals politically correct utopio of multiculturalism and mutual respects!

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