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  1. LOL…a reminder of his administration so far….BIG BUILD UP!, Showy flashy awe inspring appearance and never quite made it out of the gate without a major fail.

    1. Yeah it’s so arrogant for the president to ride in a limo. What does the pres of your shithole country ride in?
      Is it a rickshaw or a dog sled?
      Then shut the fuck up.

    2. @ Tex – I’m American, dipshit. I’ve ignored your stupid ass comments on here for quite some time. Obviously I’m not suggesting a rickshaw, just a more reasonable sized car like, say, I don’t know, the one that successfully made it over the hump right before The Beast. I’ve gone on too long. You can go back to cousin fucking now.

    3. Oh you’re a self hating American. Good for you perhaps you should go move to a country that’s a little more modest. I hear it’s quite lovely in Somalia. I’m sure you won’t have to worry about being around a bunch of fat asses there. Pieces of shit like you make me sick.

    4. Why everyone keeps referencing americans I’m not sure, just look at the flags on the limo…does that look american. How about that cop?

    5. So, if I think we should strive as a country to be better, I’m self-hating? Do you think it’s a coincidence that everything you say on here is met with dislike? I wish I could be mad, but that would require you being relevant rather than (ironically) the biggest fail on this site.

    6. Oh, and to the other chuckle head that had something to say, I’m not a liberal or a democrat. I hate soccer and probably fuck your girl on the weekend while you lead your closeted double life.

    7. Wanting the country to be better is one thing, but bashing your own people and giving the US haters ammo is another. You don’t see people from other countries bashing their own. They stand up for it. You like most of the other sheep find it fashionable to run down the US. Whenever you bash us you bash yourself. If your brother is a fuck up you know it, but you don’t dare let somebody outside the family run him down. You can’t grasp the concept because you’re a disloyal piece of shit.
      I could give 2 shits if you or anyone else dislike what I say. Sometimes being in the majority means all the morons are on the same side.

    8. Yeah, your view is so groundbreaking…-ly stereotypical. But keep telling yourself you’re original and everyone else is just mainstream. Whatever makes you feel special, buddy.

    9. I have to say it. Tex makes a very valid point. With much due respects Gemstar you can have the last word can’t always win the argument. Rocky start but great end Tex. 🙂

    10. It’s not about having the last word, Dog Star. At the end of the day, we can name call and digress to juvenilism all we want but at least everyone on this thread cares enough about this country to express it (legally, I might add – props to the 1st Amendment!). Unfortunately, a site such as this is a horrible forum for such conversations. Duly noted…

    1. @ i am
      It’s my right to bitch about him whether I voted for him or not.
      @ Dante
      That’s one more than you bitch.

    2. Dante,
      I can get as mad at you as one would get mad at a gnat or house fly. You’re a minor annoyance nothing more nothing less.
      While your existence is annoying, you can’t get mad at something for doing what it is meant to do.
      You obviously were put on this Earth to annoy anyone with a functioning brain. Please don’t try to make yourself feel important and go ahead and do what I suggested you do in our prior exchange. It will save someone else the displeasure of doing it for you.

    3. It doesn’t take much time for a normal person to write a small paragraph. I’m sure it would take you some time, but as we all know you’re mildly retarded.

  2. if he would’ve had Michelle’s ghetto ass in the back, there would’ve been enough weight in the back to give the car a better angle to get over the hump!

  3. Oh man, i just love watching all u guys like tex and gemstar having a huge argument over something that started as a car that gets stuck on a bump. Keep up the good work, you are so entertaining 🙂

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