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    1. nice name soccer , makes me laugh till I pee. I wonder if soccer losers really do think that.

  1. That looks totally photoshopped. The image on the billboard looks just a little too perfect and clear, so either someone photoshopped those images onto the billboard or someone ‘enhanced’ these pictures.

    1. Nope these are all real pics..
      Those billboards are made by Interbest in The Netherlands..
      The were placed in Amsterdam.

  2. Fake…Light and clarity change in the background but the pictures remain the same for both aspects in all pictures. (Ie: look at the colour of the yellow pole in each one. Now look at the pictures) Fake, gay and stupid… you gullable bastards.

  3. funny and it not fake to marston its clearly different time of day and weather the sun hitting the pole in some the pics and other it over casted

    1. Thanks for repeating what I said bud. Different light, different clarity but the pictures all look the exact same. If it was real, some pictures wouldnt look as clear or bright in those overcast days right?
      Look at the last picture, the yellow pole and cars have absolutely no colour, or brightness but “its all in the music” is incredibly vibrant. That just dont happen.
      Fake dude.

    2. Hey marston , take a walk over to mississauga and tell a raghead about how clever you are. Maybe he will give a fuck you retard.

    3. Hey Homo…suck a dick. You wish you were from mississauga you redneck son of a bitch… sorry man….redneck sum’bitch.

  4. I think it was planned by Radio 2. They started it and then ended it to get more attention for their station. So I guess its an advertising scheme win

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