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  1. thats not a fail, she can be using an itouch. just cause its mobile doesnt mean its a cell phone. lots of devices that can have an facebook app without being n actual “cell phone”

    1. I have a Sony Mylo that has internet. It’s shown as a mobile device. It’s not a cell phone.

    2. actually, with ipods and iphones it says “via iPhone”. even with an itouch it still says iphone. so..

    3. @K
      yea i justify it cause stupid fucks like you are too clueless to know what the fuck is going on son

    4. let me justify it for you then, first the chances that she doesn’t have a cell phone are way lower than the chances that she doesn’t want to go hiking with this retard, and in the case she truly didn’t have a phone but wanted to go hiking anyways, she would have said:” oh no phone sorry, but keep me informed via facebook because i only have a mobile device that can only go on the internet but cannot call, and i really wanna go hiking with you!!!” this is the only explication, this girl has a cell phone for sure.

    5. @k
      not once have i said she wants to go hiking, i’ve simply state that she doesnt have to have a phone to use facebook mobile. since you’re so smart. let me give you another look at this. She doesnt want to go hiking and does not have a phone. thus not giving a number nor telling him to keep contacting her about hiking shit. explain that mother fucker

    6. @nigga
      your version is true also, i didn’t exclude it. But my story has more chances to happend, here’s the math:
      -probability that she doesn’t want to go hiking= 99%
      -probability she doesn’t have a cellphone= 1%
      -probability she has a cellphone= 99%
      probability that your story is true= 0.01*0.99=0.0099= 0.99%
      probability that my story is true= 0.99*0.99=0.9801=98%
      My story has more chances to be true, thank you all for your support, couldn’t do it without you people! now answer that

    7. Why is it so hard to belieqve that she doesnt have a cell phone. I can live without a cellphone if i had a itouch. With all the Expandin wifi hotspots Its not hard to stay conneqcted, perhaps she just moved in the area which would explain meetin hikin losers. Im on an ipad right now. And most imporwtantly why r we debatin about this

    8. @nigga, I agree she may not have been on a cell phone, just because it says mobile, doesn’t make it a cell phone, it comes up as mobile because of the browser encryption that was detected. Mobile just means they used a WAP browser, not a HTTP browser, such WAP browsers can be found on PS3, PSP, Nintendo3DS, and other systems like that, so @K is it very possible she could not have a cell phone, MANY people still don’t have cells, so just cause u are a bitch that would give this excuse to a guy knowing ur a liar doesn’t mean that is the case 100% or even “99%” of the time, I’m not saying this girl couldn’t have been on a phone either, it is quite possible that she was, but it is just as possible she wasn’t also.

  2. I have a nagging suspicion that this person would rather lie than hike. I wonder if a Mcdonald’s invite would’ve had the same effect?

  3. I have those kind of messages all the time, they say sent via facebook mobile, hence MOBILE doesnt mean phone somone could have used an ipod touch or another MOBILE device to access facebook, Not JUST a PHONE…

  4. Facebook Mobile also pops up with some tablets… like Ipad sometimes says, sent via iPhone, etc… just saying.

  5. and what? if thousands of assholes every day ask for your number.
    she just don’t give a single fuck that day

  6. maybe it was her father’s phone, or her iPod (when you enter something in facebook it says “via Facebook mobile”)

  7. wow people… the fail here is that his pick up line didnt work! hence the title “pickup fail”? lol… the dude asking her out failed, not the fact that she said she didnt have a cell phone as she posted from mobile… she was just trying to let him down nice rather than flat out saying no

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