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    2. This dude is absolute garbage. No skill. lol. Wow i guess the real guy with no skill is the dude who can’t accept someone is better than him. lol this was funny

    3. Yo Miracle….its quite apparent how butt hurt you are over this guy saying good game to you. He must have really fucked your shit up in that game…just stop qq’ing, and accept the fact that you got fucked in the ass by a better gamer.

      P.S. Everybody hates you,


    4. Hey Miracle4ever , have you ever tried to make a sentence that the common person can understand. Just because your momma pulled you out of grade 3 after you failed it for the 4th time , doesnt mean that we should have to read your nasty uneducated rants. Oh ya , just so you know , ebonics in Ethopian means , stupid-fuck…….and I doubt you could lift your fat ass foot up hi enough to kick anyones ass you fucking waste of flesh.

    5. This indigenous man uses an unknown tribal language to communicate. If that happened to me, i would go to the toilet and record the sounds while taking a shit. Then i would send him the message, hoping that we could understand each other and put aside our intelectual differences.


    7. LMAo whata bitch , love how he says he going to find ya “one day” i love xbox live cause of ppl like him cant take losein and just trash talk with no back up to it

    1. Thats all he has is `nigga `, what an uneducated bag of crap. Find a new word you stupid crack smoking half breed gansta wanna-be.

    2. agree very uneducated.. people all around just dont know how to take a “L” and more on.

    3. Ahhhh , Dog Star , I love your comment , so politically correct , yet so hurtful. You rock man , dont you ever die brother.

  1. lol this shit happens every day, ive seen worse, people call me a glitcher because i shoot them in the head while they unload the whole clip in my torso. do the math..

  2. Didn’t know Politeness was so insulting :/ I wonder if the message he left had been “Bitch Ass Nigga” would it have earned him respect?

    1. Are you serious? You’re ignorant! Are you like 12 years old? I hope you are because you sound real dumb!

    2. No I am not 12 or stupid I make more money then welfare will ever pay you… I don’t have to rely on the government for anything so suck my balls and stay jealous…I would be miserable if I was black too. Sorry for your wasted life.

    3. Listen, this particular black person is more than likely very stupid…but to use him as an example to condemn an entire race is EVEN MORE STUPID…lesson learned I hope, you’re welcome…

      Just wondering…did u get picked on by wannabe gangster black kids during your youth or something to develop that kind of hatred? It’s a shame because there are MILLIONS of educated, intelligent, honest and hard-working black people in this country that you will apparently judge before ever getting to know them…I know SEVERAL of them and reading stuff like what you just wrote is sad, dude…and it speaks volumes about your upbringing AND character…SMH

    4. It sickens me that people are so naive and unrealistic! First of all… I’m not a bro, I’m a female. Second of all I’m not black, I’m Asian. And Welfare? I could probably buy your whole damn family if I wanted to. You can hate black people all you want but at the end of the day you still answer to a BLACK President Dumb ass!!!

    5. apparently you are stupid beh8 and i make plenty of my own money without government handouts and maney yo dumb ass should do some research most of the people getting welfare are white #racisim fail u retard

  3. lol, just imagine if you would have sent, “ty for being my bitch”
    This shows you when it’s time to put the controller down and walk away, or play single player. lol

  4. Damn I guess racism is still alive in America… I feel like I just stepped into a KKK meeting! REDNECKS! Lol

    1. We only hate black people because they smell, are ignorant, have no morals or work ethic, rely on the government, kill people for no reason, sell drugs , use slavery as an excuse for everything, smell again, When white peoples power goes out they panic…when black peoples power go out they PLAN IT. And I am no redneck by any means but when black people keep living up to the stereotype…it is what it is bro

    2. First of all… I’m not a bro, I’m a female. Second of all I’m not black, I’m Asian. And Welfare? I could probably buy your whole damn family if I wanted to. You can hate black people all you want but at the end of the day you still answer to a BLACK President!!!

    3. @rtw i agree white people have way too much time on their hands for hatred its sad i feel bad for them. oh and to be fair its not white people its dirty inbred rednecks living in trailer homes angry because i live in a house. @whoever your name is mabey you rednecks should stop buying so much drugs because who do you think is buying it dumb ass we way smarter than using that crap find a girlfriend who is’nt your sis or cousin and get a life loser

  5. Everyone (who has XBL, that is) send him a “gg” message! I’m going to! Lol! Dumb ass won’t know what hit him!

  6. wouldn’t be a fail with all the ‘nigga’ crap. however the miracle guy should have said, in very polite English ‘i disapprove of your message to me, you beat me, and and you should be on your way. good day to you SIR!’

  7. Please, someone, for the love of God, send the douche this link just so he can see how wonderful he sounds. I’m Xboxless or else I’d do it myself.

  8. lol its funny cause i actually know who this is… If anyone plays WoW look up Razzcow and talk to him on vent, biggest fucking faggot ever…

  9. What a fucking dick. He’s probably some wanna be gangsta, a fat wanna be gangsta……he sounds fucking enormous. Excuse my spelling….whether its incorrect or correct.

  10. I can’t believe nobody else thinks this was staged. Whether the person who recorded the video knew it was staged, or miracle4ever was just messing with him I don’t know, but in the last 2 messages he sent it even sounds like he is trying to stop himself from laughing. Not to mention the fact that it’s so over the top. I’d be surprised if this was actually legit.

    1. This doesn’t just make black people look bad, but makes you weep for humanity at large.

      What kind of upbringing does it take to answer to good sportsmanship like that?

      God help us. God help us all.

    2. just so u know not all black people are like that though i know some really sweet ones so g fox and loopy loo i know what u mean but it dont mean u guys are like that.

  11. this guy is called “el presador” and he did a good commentary on Sandy Ravage´s games (Sandy plays Mwf2 and BO pretty well). El Presador is funny for commenting COD videos but it looks that he doesnt like to loose…he has an anger issue 🙂

    1. Definitely not El Presador …ye dont talk like that ..El Pres got a clear old black man type voice ..this gamer fail guy kinda got a hard feelings bro

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