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    1. Soccer is that gay ‘OhMySh’… a shame really. Dude fisting him prbly called a foul after the pic was taken. “Oh… I broke my nail in his ass…Oohhhhhh.”

    2. I think the fister is JAMES, from this site. Good for you James , thats good of you to come out of the closet and right onto the soccer field.


  2. Soccer , the only sport where a person scores a goal , and then runs away from all his teamates who are trying to congratulate him. Fucking fag sport.

    1. lol the fag sport is a load of guys in body armour spanking each others asses and pretending to be hard lol

      football(not soccer) is the biggest sport in the world its only cause you americans are only good at sports no one else plays haha

    2. We have better things to play. You guys can have all the effeminate twats running around doing cartwheels.We’ll stick to “our” sports.

  3. Carlos teves and all manchester city are putitos for sure. And all you americans that say soccer is gay are straight up meatheads. Football and basketball are so weak. Grab a ball and run past the other guys without falling. And youu can be a millionaire linebacker and still be a 300+ pound fat fartknocker. Soccer is life. Eff the nfl

  4. This IS soccer, whoever says soccer is gay, IS gay, and the “fister” player is “The Apache” Carlos Tevez. Beware all of Carlitos. He will make you shit bricks!

  5. what is more gay to run and kick a ball
    or run with a ovoid in your hands with some armored bif fat dudes trying to hug you??
    i think the second one and who called it soccer it isn’t soccer it is football yes it was created first than your football more than 150 years that is played so shut up with the beautiful game motherfukers

    1. So I guess taking a dive and the following dramatics (screaming, thrashing, convulsing, etc..) make soccer/football better than American Football? And fuck you…in America it is fucking s-o-c-c-e-r…get over it.

  6. everybody that says FOOTBALL (not soccer you idiots) is an ignorant, go and watch videos of injuries of players and you’ll see.

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