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  1. You negroes sure do fill up the “WTF” pages on these forums.
    Your DNA is seriously flawed for our human race.
    Can you please go away now?
    Defective farm implements have no use to our culture.

    1. Yeah because there aren’t any ignorant white inbred hillbillies running around with fucked up mullets -__-
      why dont you run along now? I think I hear your sister-wife hollerin’ at you

    2. i am the first to call a hick a dumb ass cracker if its so but i also have to agree with Roccol…this is just as bad as that ass who wraped herself in shrink wrap with ham… really…WTF is wrong in your head. @ben8ingu…soooooo true.

    3. A cracker is as a cracker does. Crack. The comment by the poster is your brain on drugs kids. Now thank RoccoL for his wonderful example.

    4. Wow…did Nothanks come up with that overtly clever retort on his own or did you pilfer it off another site?

    5. It doesn’t really matter where I got it from because I it fits you perfectly. Me being a bitch or not. Crack crack cracker.

    6. Excuse you! WE’RE FLAWED FOR OUR HUMAN RACE? You ignorant cracker we are the human race. Black people are the original people. You came from us. & we aren’t going anywhere but you sure are. That’s why you’re going through hell now.

    7. um… im black and i dont do these things… actually i graduated to high school with a 3.0 and i live in a 4 bedroom house with a backyard and pool my mom is a teacher and one of my brothers are going to a Art Institute in Texas and the other is going to college for football…soooo

    8. @Destiny- How you managed to graduate is surprising. “Graduated to highschool” shouldn’t it be “FROM high school”? An then not to mention, “ of my brothers are going to..” I believe it should be, “..IS going..” Just because you graduated FROM high school doesn’t you’re smart. I’m a high school drop out and even I have better grammar than you. Sooooo…

  2. agreed. Always wanting attention and “respect”. Take at look at the picture above… how much respect does that deserve…

  3. That’s funny because I see mostly white people on here and theey have the biggest fails. That’s why they are the biggest epic fails just go to most popular fails and look at your popular failing ass buddies aren’t they charming. BARF!

  4. What in the hell is wrong with your head you look like a ungly easter bunny, from the damn ghetto. People like you make black people look bad as hell.

    1. hey YOU this is just some gay ass fag bag doin what they want, if some white person went up there and did the same would you say that they make the white race look bad, you dumb sack of shit

    2. Well,”usucknoobs”,I’m VERY surprised that your not one of those people that have “Gangster” language.OOHHH yeah!Aren’t you this guy? “” I’m pretty you look SOOOO much like this guy.”WEL I SEE YUH LATR BRAH!”

  5. Ha I submitted this!! I told ppl imma start putting they azz on blast and the bad part about is that she THINK thus bull shit is cute!! Smmfh

  6. Yall are really ignorant. White people always want to think they the shit. But yall aren’t ANYTHING but the devil. Yall are going to pay for how black people were treated. Just wait & see.

  7. cant we all agree that white people are the destroyers black people are the out cast Mexicans are the dirty ones Chinese are the weird and baby making ones the people who pray to Allah are evil and so on and so forth 😀

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