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  1. That’s probably his mom.
    Negros love that mom on son action.
    At least they could have cleaned up the crack den for the photo shoot.

    1. That’s funny, usually guys named Rocco like to hang around the gymnasium and watch gladiator movies.

    2. Wow you dont sound like a racist at all. And by the way there was a mom and son fail awhile back and they were white asshole! Race has nothing to do with anything.

    3. Lana:
      Close your pie hole.
      Race has everything to do with it.
      If I had a dime for every asshat lib-atrd like you who uttered ” its got nuthin to do with race!!!!”….. Id be a gillion-aire.

    4. “Race has nothing to do with anything.”

      So… there’s no such thing as racism? Good news!

    5. Mmmmm that is some tastey racism. Oh BTW in case no one has noticed this is a website that is soley about FAILURE. So look around there is a little white trash here a little ghetto bullshit over there. Why? because every race has a bunch of idiots who embarress the rest of us. That’s why it’s funny. So those of you who like to point out…”hey look at that black girl with a 2-foot high weave made of cheerios”, aren’t black people so dumb”….or that white guy having his 1-year-old pose with his AK-47, aren’t white people trash”—–you’re missing the point, your aiming at a target that’s already been hit. People do stupid shit regardless of race, and we come here to laugh at them. So if you think your race is better than anothers then just keep looking around and you’ll probably see someone that looks like your mother with a miss-spelled word tat’d on her tits, now who’s so fucking smart.

    6. racists are stupid mammals disconected from their higher minds…their souls are covered with dark hate and they feel very secure about their “superior differences” but in fact racism is only a group of ideas learned and they are not inherent to human soul and nature…unevolved morons like you ruins the harmony of the world…you have the seed of war and destruction inside you open your mind and heart and stop being a follower

    7. i think RoccoL here just trolled all of you. shame on you people for not being able to see that.

  2. RoccoL are you serious kid you fucking inbreed son of a bitch fucking white people fuck thier little sisters and moms like they are 5 dollar hookers. Fucking animals would rape thier own child and have thier brains on a plate for dinner. 🙁

    1. Do some checking with the US Dept of Justice crime sates there ghetto boy.
      You will find that blackies in relationship to their population ratio commit far more pedo or incest crimes.
      But then again…facts are like kyrptonyte to you coloureds.

    2. Obviously RoccoL has not heard of Mississippi
      and is too much of a dumbass and lazyass to really give proper evidence and spell correctly.
      Obviously he read the US Dept of Justice crime STATS wrong.
      racist ass dick.

    3. “RoccoL are you serious kid you fucking inbreed son of a bitch fucking white people fuck thier little sisters and moms like they are 5 dollar hookers.”

      THAT, obviously… not racist…

  3. domestic violence win? im guessing the dude is the one who gets beaten. he’s got that “no, i ran into a wall” look on his face

    1. Hey! She’s lookin’ pretty good! She bends over toward my mirror naked and I guess I’d have a few thousand years of bad luck from it too.

  4. He probably punched the mirror trying to hit her coming down off crack……im pretty sure thats a projects house too…..just saying

    1. My gosh, will you shut up you racist! I happen to be a white female and I’m so sick and tired of your racial comments. This should not be about race, it’s just about about a fail. They could of easily been white or any other race. It’s just humor! Take that racist crap to a clan meeting.

    2. Funny part is, I submitted this picture and can verify it was in the projects! This girl went to high school with my brother, and when he showed me this Facebook picture in disgust, I HAD to send it to EF! You people just need to stop the racism, it isn’t for all of that! EACH and EVERY race has stupid people. Relaaaax! and enjoy the humor 🙂

  5. Im the one who sent this pic and for some reason the picture never loads up for me!!! But yeah…as soon as I came across this photo *epicfail*

  6. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think of alot more for this one LOL. If that’s the only damn mirror you have, wait until someone can take a picture of you. Damn!! What is wrong with people.

  7. Yeah obviously the mirror has received damage from someone’s head being smashed into it.. you can tell by the circular cracks, definitely not a “drive-by”. I still don’t understand why people have to judge by color of skin, we’re all human; we all have a brain, a heart, etc.
    So @RoccoL maybe you need to do a little more research at the “United States Department of Justice” and see that all races commit crimes. All races are involved in homicide, sexual crimes and so on. It’s not a “black” thing, it’s a mentally ill or extremely sheltered, uneducated subject most likely when dealing with incest.
    With 9/11 America has realized that racism is STILL present and unfortunately might always exist. People love to play the blame game; if one Middle-Eastern man is involved with a bombing then all people from the Middle-East are bombers. And since these two black people are shown photographed in front of a damaged mirror, then all black people are ghetto. It’s just not right.

    1. look at the spider web breaks thats a hand (fist) not head..all this shows is that the young man there has anger managment problems nothing else..and yes i think it was him do to the fact he is holding his hand in the picture

  8. certainly like your web-site but you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the reality on the other hand I’ll definitely come again again.

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