Detroit Tattoo Fail


People Fail

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    1. “The fuck” that’s supposed to mean is that Detroit is a shithole.

      I should know. I live pretty damn close, but luckily on the “decent” side of 8-mile.

    1. i’m sure you mean “stupid”. correct? i’m not quite sure what “stooooopeeeds” is?

    2. jcjunk , just by your spelling I would say you must be a yankee yourself , by your description.

    3. jcjunk is purposefully misspelling the word to accentuate the stupidity, are you guys really that dumb ?

    1. Why is everything have to deal with race I have seen the same work done by white tattoo artist so Maybe you need to just sthu

  1. 313 is the area code for Detroit… They just did a study and found out that like 1/2 the population is illiterate in Detroit. What do you expect? Detroit is the 3rd most dangerous city to like in and Flint is the 1st. Both are major cities in Michigan. Michigan just sucks.

  2. “Yo thatz how it be spelled in da Detriot uhhrea yo”….I wonder if this was the artist mistake or she gave the artist a paper where it was spelled Detriot, either way what a dumbass..

  3. Living right next to Detroit, I would like to bet this white girl doesn’t even live in Detroit, which makes this even more humorous to me. Trash.

  4. I was born and raised in the City of Detroit. Difference is my Mother raised me better! Please do not assume we are all as idiotic as this chick! This is a FAIL for sure. What a loser!

    1. Talk to an illiterate tattoo artist and ask them to spell a major city correctly, you should be good. I’m sure you can get Setattle 206 easily enough.

  5. LOL ppl are so low in life literally she tattoos the stupidest thing in her back omg what happens when she relocates?
    loser move

  6. Good to know that an area code from Detriot is 313. Talk about GANGSTA! I doubt that tattoo artist can spell 313… oh wait that’s the part he got right….

  7. Wow yall be talkin mad shit about Detroit and yall aint even never been there yall just need to shut your damn mouths and stop talkin trash bout this lovely city, its got its ups n downs but seriously lets not talk trash because a tattoo artist messed up, it doesnt just happen in Detroit okay i bet every one of you stupi fuckers have no damn life

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