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    1. thats harsh she cant help it if she aint perfect i mean come on hell u mite b uglier than a boner biting rat-ass basterd

    1. Yo why wud u wanna tap ur own mum? anyways, is she a hot FILTH? (Female I like to hump). LOL. also wats up with your username u racist piece of shitt. Me fink u shud take out allah is a and leave HOMO, U FUKIN GAY RETARD!. spread love not hate, u cuntt. didnt your HOT mum teach you anythin?

    2. Fucking christ “Hey you MOFO!” from now on when I think of retards on the internet, you will come to mind.

      “spread love not hate, u cuntt” Great way to set an example of your practice.

    3. That post (hey you MOFO) Is worthy to be a part of the actual fail list on this site that is probably the biggest fail (message) i have seen on the internet and i have seen many honestly “spread love not hate cunnt” you fail so hard 😛

    4. `Hey you MOFO`There is a whole posse of us allah haters , so shut your festering mouth you fucktard before we come and beat you mohammad loving ass . . . your mom told me that she circumsized you by kicking your sister in her jaw… far as me being a cunt , yep your right , because I am what I eat. Now go back to grade 4 for the 3rd time , maybe this year you may pass if you SWALLOW instead of spit.

    5. BTW , thanks for the back up guys….go away hey you MOFO , none of us like you….and to the other allah Is A Homo , thanks for helping me keep this great name alive , BOOOYAAAA.

    6. i’m not trying to help u fucktard! i will ruin ur miserable life! i am on epic fail since beginning, and u r the stupidest & worst troll i have ever seen here. u r worst then “did he dieded” guy! ….offensive, uncreative and stupid – the worst kind of troll……
      soon u will change this retarded name of ur

    7. @ allah Is A Homo, Hey you MOFO!, Dude, kill joy, james, Frost and the whole lot of you: every single post in this line is insignificant and foremost juvenile. There was no real point made except one would tap their own mother, many get hyped over NOTHING, another wants to spread love by inciting hatred, many hate a fictional being, another one throws empty threats and then concedes defeat by being intimidated and hyped by another users’s comments. Others are trying to support a very poorly constructed argument by dumbing it down further than preschool level. Yeah, nice job everyone. Very educated.

    8. i think hey you mofo and the 2nd allah is a homo are just harrassment alts of the first allah, which is even sadder than this thread already was…

  1. lmfao!! she not beautiful, she fucking bitch ugly, looks like and indian whore. . . .
    bitch 😆 mrs.pig 😆 🙂

  2. I feel bad for this lady, but then again she shouldnt have posted a pic of herself. Couldnt she at least try and look half decent? i guess not.

  3. Sorry Epic Fail, this post is a FAIL. There’s no point to this one, I mean for it to actually be a real fail, I think we need a setup for this one, aside from some dude drawing a lame ass pic of some woman. Yeah so she’s not the belle of the ball, but wtf? It’s not like she’s posing for a pic where she’s trying to be all ‘omg look at me I’m so hot’ likr a lot of other morons.

    1. I agree with Cam. It’s just a lame drawing which particularly exaggerates the so-called flaws of the woman’s features. The woman was not posing for a beauty pageant or such, making this thread a juvenile failure of epic nature to begin with. Whether or not it was genuine, I do not know – nor do I care. I do realize that the person who drew the picture is no regular Van Gogh or Picasso. His drawing is quite unimpressive – with the exception of the drill, which was somewhat aesthetic in a sense. Hmm?

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