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    1. Well…That’s pretty good acting then. If I hit my head that hard I’d be grabbing my head like “WTF”. Fake or not… that had to hurt.

    2. Really ? Are you fucking some kind idiot ? FAKE ? Why the fuck hit with the had to the heater ? You can see whet she hits the floor for real because of body bouncing. Why the hell to injure your self ? Just because some kind idiot like you and more like you were shouting fake ??

      Have you ever used your brain wtf ?

  1. the tumor in her head helped reduce the pain, thank god no damage was caused

  2. I don’t think we even watched that… the guy just hypnotises us through the camera so that’s what we thought we saw! 😮

  3. could be real, even though she did brace herself. Hypnosis doesn’t work like most people think it does, you are put into a relaxed state and then given “suggestions” which you do without question because of the state you are in. So when someone says faint, you faint.

    1. You make a valid point… your point is very valid… your validity is very relaxing… your getting more relaxed… your getting very relaxed… SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!

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